horrible cold any remadies

hi ladies im suffering!!! im 29+2 and have gone down with a stinking cold the last few days and there seems to be nothing i can take to help me . i have sore chest a cough horrible runny nose thats so sore where ikeep blowing it its swelled up am at my wits end. dint have much energy as it is and this has knocked me for six so any suggestions welcome x x x


  • Hey hun, I'm always getting them so I have some tips -

    1. Sleep with elevated pillows - as in 4 or 5 - it really helps unblock your nose so you can sleep & get better quicker.
    2. Drink & eat loads of vitamin C, have orange, lemon & lime juice in hot water, it tastes gross though.
    3. Stop blowing your nose if, erm, nothing's coming out, because the reason your nose is blocked is prob cos the sinuses are inflamed & sticking together & blowing makes it worse. Instead massage your sinuses, it does work, and use vicks.

    I did all this with my last cold and got better in a few days so you never know it might work lol. I think the main thing is to get loads of rest. Get well soon x
  • I've also got the stinking cold at the moment and no there isn't anything we can take!! Other than paracetamol to bring temp down, steam inhalation of vicks and Lockets. Also try hot water with fresh lemon juice squeezed into it with a couple of slices of lemon, makes you think you are having a Beechams!

    When i had a cold at the beginning of my pregnancy the pharmacist did recommend a nasal inhaler (similair to Vick Inhaler) but i can't remember which one it was.

    For energy try some Lucazade, drink or tablets and if you can stomach it some fresh orange juice for Vit C.

    Hope you feel better soon, at least i am on mat leave so i can hide in bed all day (after the school run!) if i need to.

    7 days to go!
  • Hi, i had a bad cold the other week. I put a few drops of Olbas Oil in a bowl of boiling water and put it at the side of the bed. Helped me get a full nights sleep which will do you wonders!
    Also Boiled lemonade is very good as it's like a lemsip but without the paracetamol...or water with lemon as Obi1 suggests (i'm too lazy to go out for fresh lemons!)
    A cold cant be cured even when your not pregnant, you just need lots of rest so use all the tips above to ease your suffering my dear!!
    x x
  • Those tissues with olbas oil already in them are really good too - they're a bit dear but really clear u out!
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