Saw The Consultant - Got an induction date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally - I can see an end to my SPD pain. After being examined they agreed I can go in hospital early to be induced!

He had to help me onto the couch as I was in pain and my hips clicked and he said 'ooo ouch - that must be painful!' And I was like '...well yeah duhh!!' I didn't say that just thought it lol! Then he said he will have a word with another Dr, because I wanted to be induced at 37 weeks, but he said it's hospital policy that the earliest they can give an induction for SPD is 39 weeks. Well he could see that when he said this I almost started crying as my midwife got my hopes up and said I should get 37 weeks.

Anyway after speaking to another consultant they agreed to let me have 37+6 because they were concerned for the baby's growth stage. So I'll be going into hospital to have lo on 6th June. My original due date was 21st June and with my 1st I went overdue by 2 days so I'm a happy bunny that I can see and end in sight now!!!! I can finally set my mind on 6th June as an end to this terrible pain in the arse....well pelvis :lol:

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  • o i'm so pleased hun. I wish they were that sympathetic in my area! No one listned to me. I bet your so relieved!

    So happy for u xxx
  • Im only 24+2 but am already walking around like a stiffened 80 year old!!

    I told my midwife i didnt know if i would manage 16 more weeks and she just said we'd see how i got on and spoke to my doc who prescribed co-codamol 8/500mg (3 packs of 56!!!!!) and a tubi grip for my tum.

    Is is normal for SPD to be more painful some days than others??? I find it worst when im in bed and some days the pain can be considerably less prominent than others xxxxx

  • yes - that's how mine was at your stage of pregnancy (comes and goes) then it began to get worse as the baby grew. Not saying the same will happen to you though cuz everyone's different. I'm also a full-time mum to my 2 year old and it's become really difficult to do things for her. What used to take 5 mins now takes 1-2 hours that's how bad it is.

    Night time is a nightmare! I just can't get comfy and when I get up to go to the loo I have to hop on my right leg cuz if I stepped on my left leg I'd have the most terrible shooting pain going up my back and down my left leg. I don't know whether that is related to SPD or not...? Does anyone else have this?

  • That's brill you've got a date - you're 2 days behind my c section on the 4th!

  • Hi Karen, how come you're having a section? Are you having complications? They are normally sooo fussy about delivering the baby early aren't they?
    I'm thinking lo will be born the day after I'm induced so 7th June. I think it's a nice date! lol.

    OMG - I just realised that the 13th June is a FRIDAY!!! Another good reason for being induced early - just to avoid that date. Would have nightmares of giving birth to a werewolf or vampire lol. Just kidding! :lol:

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  • thats great news hun,bet ur chuffed rnt fed up now and really want my baby out NOW!especially as i was offered a section so would have my baby by this time nxt wk if id have said yes!lol im sure i'll go overdue now!got less than 3 wks to go but it now feels like forever! hanna xx
  • Hanna if they offered me a section I would be over the moon. Then again thinking of the consequences (pain etc) after I know what you mean.

    The only thing about being induced is I won't be able to go on the midwife lead unit on the upstairs ward. I really wanted to use the birthing pool. Oh well! I did ask him, but he said for your own good you'll have to stay on the consultant ward because we really care about your pain relief and the midwifes give out drugs like the money's coming from their own pocket!!! Meaning they prefer women to use natural alternatives like pool, massage, music etc etc. But I was in so much pain last time the thought of having an epidural straight away brings a BIG smile to my face lol!! So glad I'm on the consultant's ward now as I didn't know they won't let you have an epidural on the midwife lead unit! Which personally I think is outragous as If you are in terrible pain it is your human right to have decent pain relief.

  • im made up 4 ya hun saw mw today n shes raging that i got to wait till 38 weeks asshe said 37 is safe and as like u i have a toddler and a four year old n like u say everything takes an hour longer she thinks i should march back in n argue my point! got a great gift today tho my dad noticed it takes me ages to get to kitchen n i swear my son drinks like 4 beakers an hour so he bought me a mini fridge full of juice boxes to keep in living room bless him its great xxx
  • Aww bless that's a great idea.

    You can't be soft with them or they won't take you seriously. Make out it's the most serious thing in the world that needs addressing. I think the consultant knew I meant business as soon as I walked (well hobbled) in. I looked him straight in the eye and told him how much it's affecting me.

    Hope it turns out well for you hun! xxx

  • so pleased you have a date and you won't have to suffer for much longer.
    that's a day before our LO is due on the 7th, you've freaked me out now about Friday 13th, the last Friday 13th I experienced was the day before our wedding day and that was a disaster.

    Em x
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