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Watery discharge? sorry TMI

I felt really really wet "down there" yesterday night and it actually woke me up early this morning. I noticed a wet patch on the sheet where I had "leaked" so got up to tidy myself up and felt a tiny amount run down my leg. I ran to the bathroom and it was really cloudy but really thin (im sorry this is so graphic) I also thougt I had stomach cramp but I cant really remember if I actually had cramp or if I just thought I did if you know what i mean. This morning had another leakage when I got out of bed, same thing, a tiny amount of cloudy/creamy water pretty much, it dripped on the floor and ran down my leg. but no cramps with this one but baby had been going mad all morning.

Ive put a panty liner about half hour ago on but can already feel its wet, not soaking though. Could this be more than discharge?

Kayleigh 33 weeks tomorrow


  • i would defo give your maternity unit a call, it could be discharge but it could well be your waters, but its always best to be safe and get checked out xxxxx
  • Ive got to wait untill hubby gets in from work about 3 ish to call them because if they tell me to go in I cant get there and I will be panicking untill he gets home. Another thing I want to talk to them about is that Im just so itchy. Its worse at night but i get it during the day too, i just itch constantly
  • i am having something similar too. yesterday momring with a small am ount of odourless clear discharge, then later ion the day it was thicker (glupy) but still clear and this monring again. i wonder if it's a bit of my plug?
  • I actually went to the loo and on the panty liner (sorry this conversation is gross isnt it) was thick lumps, I wondered if that could be my plug. I am nervous about phoning the midwife incase its nothng
  • waters don't have to dribble hun, they can just trickle a bit then stop, trickle a bit, then stop. when mine went mine they did dribble constantly for about 30 mins, then a loud pop and gush. but one of my friends waters started to dribble from about 30 wks (she went 4 days overdue in end), and that was just wet patches here and there. i've been getting the odd dribble but mine is down to my poor pelvic floors, so tena ladies are now my new best friend, but the midwife told me to lay down for 30 mins, then stand up, if there was at least a tablespoon sized dribble ring MAC because it could be my waters, as when you lay down they pool inside you, then gravity obviously takes over when you stand up xxxxx
  • sorry but going to go in really gross detail now lol, kayleighcakes when you say lumps, what do you mean?? what colour? what texture etc??, show normally looks like either clear snot or blood stained snot. if more like cottage cheese, thats an infection and anything green should be checked out instantly as again could be infection. xxx
  • It wasnt blood stained but not green ither, it wasn't perfectly clear but kinda stringy, I have had it before a few months ago and it w though as just a 1 off and I didnt get it again,
  • I had something similar with my son, was dribbling and thought that it was my waters, ended up at the hospital getting it all checked and stayed in overnight as the MW was not sure. She said it felt like it was still intacted but want to keep me there to me sure.

    Before all this started I had lost lumps like really thick clearish discharge, which the MW informed me was me losing parts of my plug as this can come away slowly.

    It turned out my waters had not broke (no-one gave me an explaination to the leaks) as they had to burst them whilst I was in labour.

    I did however go into labour the next morning, so would recommend contacting your MW to be sure.

    Sorry its not much help.

  • that does sound like your show then kayleighcakes, i lost mine 7 wks ago, and have had the odd snot type wipe from time to time since, but the mucus plug and waters can actually replace themselves. when my waters popped and gushed i had to go in, i had a scan later that day which confirmed that ALL my water had gone. then the following night i had another gush, which again turned out to be water, my body had created more water in the space of 24 hours, i then went into labour the following morning xxx

    but despite having a show all them weeks ago, no sign of bubs as of yet xxxx
  • Jodibump - how many weeks were you when that happened? Xx

  • Hi guys, ok so im new here and basically missed two periods, neg pregnancy tests but have slightly sensitive nipples, heartburn at night, waves of feeling sick, feeling sick after eating, a little crampy and sometimes hedaches, when I woke up this morning I felt really wet down there and when I put my hands to see what it was there was so much discharge,  white creamy discharge, with tiny little white blobs.  Ive had a baby 3 years ago but it was one of those pregnancys with no symptoms (lucky me) someone please help!

  • Here you should ask yourself a few questions.
    1. Is your vaginal discharge smelly?
    2. Do you have itching in your vagina?
    3. Is your discharge enough to fill a pad?
    If the answer to these 3 questions is no, the probability of the discharge being normal is very high. I suggest you take a look at this article.

  • If it’s itching it’s possibly thrush or an infection you shouldn’t be itching 
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