way way way tmi sorry in advance

first of all i want to say this will contain far far far tmi but im so embarrassed i dont think i will be able to ask midwife on thursday.........

basicly the last couple of times i have had a poo i have started bleeding from back passage i have also got piles but they dont seem to bother me anyway i had mcdonalds for dinner tonight as i was craving it all day and as soon as i finished i had major major wind so i went to the toilet and had really bad runs and my tummy was making some very strange noises when i finished i had bleed again and the toilet was full of blood im a bit worried about this and im just so embarrassed about it

what is causing this??????????


  • its your piles love it will be internal piles ... i know because i have them... tell your doctor and they will do an internal but you can get stuff to put up there to reduce the size. what colour is the blood.. red... bright red... dark gravey colour? makes a diffrence! dont be embarressed i told my consultant and i was really embarressed as well and she told me not to worry most pregnant woment get them... that she is not pregnant but she has them! lol xx
  • its bright red blood
  • thats good it means it healthy and fresh that its not a deep cut it will be somewhere near the entrence/ exit (however you want to look at it) its a good sign that its that colour tho! Anusol is the name of the ointment the doctor gave me! x
  • I'm suffering with the piles too....I found Anusol wasn't helping and went to my doctor who gave me something stronger!!! Definately make an appointment with your doctor hun as they won't get better on there own. My doc also gave me some laxitives to soften my stool and that really helped my piles to ease off.

    Hope you feel better soon.
    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • thanks girls this is the problem with me going to my doc ......... he is also a customer in my betting shop!!!! i would be so embarrassed knowing he has looked up there when i see him in the shop!!!!
  • thats the thing he is the only doctor!!!
  • maybe you could see the practice nurse and speak to her. she maybe to offer some support/help/advice. She will be udnerstanding to your situation. xxx
  • you can ask your midwife! x
  • My doctor asked me if I wanted him to take a look but I said no and he was more than happy that it was piles and rang for medical advice as to what cream to give me etc...I was in his room for 30 mins and he was really understanding. He had literally just taken my word for it that I had piles so I'm sure if you asked your doc he wouldn't need to have a peek!! I asked my midwife first as I was quite embaressed but she told me I would need to see my doc to get a prescription. If they are really painful try a warm bath with salty water, it really eased mine until I could get to the docs.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
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