Help - using Veet during pregnancy

My stupid porridge brain has let me down again. I foolishly just plastered my legs with Veet (hair removal cream) and then suddenly realised it could be harmful to the baby. I took it off practically as soon as I put it on. Has anyone else used Veet in their pregnancy? Is it safe? I wish packaging would have plastered all over it 'not suitable if pregnant'. Hope I haven't done any harm, feel terrible now.


  • I am sure it will be fine to use hun! Try not to worry. Tammi xxx

  • Its not harmful to baby mate!

    Just be careful - I nearly burnt my lady bits the other week, my skin has gone dead sensitive lol

  • I did not know you could not use it when pregnant???

    I have been using it just as normal throughout.

    S xx
  • Thanks girlies, I'm just being uber paranoid and need to calm down a bit. I'm sure it's quite safe but I'm still getting used to whats OK and what's not OK in pregnancy! X x
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