Pregnancy Brain

well just had to let you all know that I have been struck down by it. I'm naturally dizzy anyway so i was hoping to escape it but no. Here's my story hope it make gives anyone having a bad day a giggle. Hubby looks after our accounts using online banking. So yesterday he's transfering money and needs my PIN number comple mental block. So after a think I come up with what I think is my mine but no this was then followed by 2 more failed attemps and then being locked out of online banking. My hubby somehow did not see the funny side of this. So he phones barclays and were told if I can remember it to go to a cash point and try again. So Finally last night i remembered my PIN off we went to the bank this morning and no its still the wrong PIN. Then you guessed it another 3 failed attemps at the cash point with me each time assuring hubby that this time I've definatly remembered it. Still havent a clue what my PIN is and I've had to order a new PIN from the bank who must think I'm a complete idiot. I've had that account for 10 years and always had the same PIN well untill now. I've been told by hubby when my new PIN comes to change it so its same as my credit card so i can't get confussed!! lol xxximage


  • lmao. i had a very similiar incident when me and hubby went out and hubby intentionally left his wallet home as i had my purse with me. We were in one of those fasttrack queue and when i was handed the machine to enter my pin my mind went blank. i can hear everyone huffing and puffing behind me and then hubby suggested i use another card, you should have seen the look on his face when i told him they were all the same, lol not a pretty site. we ended up leaving the shop empty handed and after a lot of thought i managed to unlock my pin at the cashpoint. Then i told hubby what my pin is so next time by brain decides to take time out at least he'll know what it is, lol. sorry to gatecrash, at least i'm not alone in this. image xxx
  • lol aww im hoping it will skip me with this pregnancy, when i was pregnant with my son there was a big long list of crazy, unexplainable things i did the worst being we went food shopping in asda and bought a couple of dvds got home unpacked the shopping and couldnt find the dvds anywhere serched the car and house then phoned asda to see if they had been handed in but they hadnt then later on that evening i went to go and cook dinner and found the dvds in the freezer god knows why i put them in there lol (luckly they still worked)

    emma xx
  • Think yourselves lucky. CazA has this problem permanently.
  • Not sure that was entirely necassary Little1 but each to their own.
  • hehe lol at the pregnancy brains!!
    what was i gonna say again?????
    Filo x
  • Pretty sure I read in a magazine either last weekend or the one before that this is now a medical condition!! Pregnancy brain is now official - YEAH!!!

    I am hoping for the return of mine in 8 1/2 wks (thank god shouts everyone who knows me) lol
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