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lol girls ove just spent ??130 on Tee shirts lol maddness I know but have been restrained for so long and now i know its a boy I have gone mad! haha want to get a couple more - my fella poped home at lunch as was laughting at me but ahh well had to be done!

Any one else gone a little wild in indulagance? xxx :lol: :lol: :lol:


  • cant wait for it to arrive!!!!!!! lol
  • yeah will do i have fallen in love with the bits i know they are prob a bit over priced i really dont care have been so restrained! and we can re use them for our next lol (says she bravely not quite having the first one yet) lol x
  • I'm dying to get spending on this site when the baby is born!
    My bump has been known as 'elvis' because it goes mad when I play Elvis music & I saw the cutest babygro on Nappy Head which I cannot wait to get in either pink or blue that says ELVIS across the chest- love it!

    Lauren xx

  • they arrived this morning! am pleased with them but ones missing have called and emailed so will let you know how i get on girls! x
  • fingers crossed they get it to you soon you need cheering up at the minute doll! xx
  • does anyone know why they only do romper suits in 0-3 months size?have seen a perfect one for ollie but hes 9months now! :\(
  • Id email them to ask might just be because they are a small company but they make them to order (you can smell they have just been printed!) x
  • I ordered a t-shirt from them (for me, not baby), it arrived yesterday. It says "I love my bump" on the front, & I'm very pleased with it. Feels pretty good quality, nice & soft too. As a few others have said, their stuff's a bit pricey, but it's fun & quite cool. I've been looking at the baby stuff too, so far have managed to resist temptation as already have a lot of baby clothes.........
  • last T-shirt arrived today! really pleased with it would recomend it! does feel good quility and they are well packaged! and cant wait to see them on baby! x
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