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Hiya ladies! Ive just been the doctors this morning to talk about being at the hospital the other day and i brought up my 2 previous miscarriages as was worried and he asked me if id been advised to take a low does of asprin, i havent and told him that and he said usually after 3 miscarriages you get advised to do this. He didnt tell me to take it but now he has brought it up do you think i should start taking it? Any advice gratefully received! xx


  • Hi,

    I have heard of this before, can't remember the reason though. If your GP advises it I would follow their advice but it would be worth giving them a call to check as I think it is only a very low dose you are supposed to take.

    Liz x
  • asprin this the blood if you have thick blood may make it hard for the baby to absorb what it needs.... small doses may make the blood thin enough to allow the baby to asorb what it needs.
  • Hi
    Im 8 weeks pregnant now and have had 3 miscarriages, 2 in the last year.
    I suffer from severe endometriosis and was told getting pregnant would be impossible.
    But obviously I have fell pregnant it is just maintaining the pregnancy that has been a problem.
    As a result of my condition I am under the care of a consultant
    and have been prescibed a low dosage of asprin which I have been taking since 6 weeks as advised.
    Hopefully this will be all I need to do to retain this pregancy.
    As you can imagine Im finding it a battle at the moment to relax and be positive as all women with a history of miscarraiges do.
    There are different individual reasons why women are advised to take asprin, so I would suggest you see your doctor and discuss your options.
    I understand there are several blood tests they can do at
    surgery level to determine if you would be suitable to take it.
    Hope this is of some help
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