nursing bras

does anyone have any recommendations for nursing bras that won't break the bank?


  • M&S do a 2 pack ofcotton ones, 1 black and 1 white for ??25 not bad!
  • yeah, that's pretty good. the ones i have seen have been ??30 each!
    did you get measured for yours? i'm not entirely sure what size to go for - how much bigger are my boobs gonna get when my milk comes in?!
    How's the wee one doing? Is he still in hospital?
  • I got a pack of 2 cotton sleep ones in mothercare yesterday for ??18, 1 baby pink, 1 white but they had a few other colours, they came in sizes 34/36, 38/40 and 42/44. And the lady told me its best to come back and get measured after. The measurer said usually for nursing bras you go down a rib size then up 2 cup sizes. But as I still got 4 weeks to go, I think i'd sooner go back to get measured. They got a nice selection in mothercare and start at around ??12-14.x
  • i bet if you wait a week or so you'll get some bargains in the sales! Mothercare etc all do them online i'm sure so you dont even have to traipse round the shops.
  • highly recomend m&s nursing bras 25 quid for 2, (i found mothercare maternity bras really uncomfortable) i got measured at 39 weeks and bought 2 cups sizes up although we discussed that cause my baby had already dropped down i didnt need to up a back size. 6 weeks after birth and bras still a comfortable as ever.
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