Results of 4th early scan!

Well on the positive side they have finally found a jelly bean who was as clear as day, it wasnt here last week! However its still too little and no heartbeat yet. I originally thought I would be almost 10 weeks this week then I thought maybe 8.5 but bubs is only measuring 6.5 weeks. Now I had a bleed 6.5 weeks ago that I thought was implantation and the last day of possible conceoption IO think was 7 weeks 2 days ago.
I keep maybe thinking could there have been 2 of them and one is gone, would that be why baby is small but I got an early positive?? Anyway clutching at straws here! Im back next week and if no heartbeat they are going to do a D and C the same day. So lets hope that little heart starts!


  • keeping my fingers crossed 4 u fran xx
  • hope all goes well for you.

    big hugs becs xx
  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you image

    I hope evrything goes well and its lil heart starts beating

  • well that does sound promising, at least your wee bean has finally made an appearance! I really do hope you finally see the heartbeat next time!

    Good luck hun! xxx
  • Hi Fran

    I haven't been regularly posting for a while but I have seen your previous messages and been keeping my fingers crossed for you. You must have been so relieved to see the little blob on the screen. I've had a few scans for different reasons but I know as soon as they put the sensor to my tummy I'm scouring the screen for the baby and the heartbeat. Hopefully you will get to hear a heartbeat next week when you go to the hospital. It sounds good news that something has appeared since last week as that suggests that baby is growing.

    Good luck, fingers crossed and lots of sticky babydust xxxxx
  • good luck for your scan next week. I'm sure little baby's heart will start beating.

    Thinking of you xxx
  • Good luck, Keeping my fingers crossed for you... Take care,
    Lydia xx
  • Good luck next week fran. The fact that the little bean is visible this time and wasnt last time sounds like a very positive sign. Fingers crossed for you xx

  • good luck hun. Positive that they saw something this time, perhaps heartbeat is just well hidden. Really good luck for next week, and really extra sticky special babydust for you.
    Filo x

  • I am so pleased for you - and wish you all the luck in the world for next week... I go for my second scan on Thursday... so I have to admit I am saving a little bit of luck for me.. I should be 8 weeks today... but they couldn't see anything last time... Good Luck Good Luck..xx
  • Oh good luck for next week, keeping everything crossed for you.
    Em x
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