induction tomorrow:(

Well hi there every1!as some of you know my waters went on tuesday but still no sign of contractions!so i gotta go in to be induced tomoz,really hope somethin happens today as id prefere to go naturally if poss.On the bright side i'll b meeting my daughter for defo this weekend!lol hope everyones bumps r ok,hanna xxx


  • awww never mind, at least you'll be meeting her very soon! Hope something happens for you today though.
  • Aw Hanna - it's gone so fast hasn't it? I'm getting all excited for you - give Grace a big kiss when she gets out!

    20 days to go
  • Hi hunny, just wanted to wish you lots of luck whether things get moving on their own or need a bit of a kick start. Will be thinking of you xxxx
  • thank u ever so much for ur replies ladies,i'll keep u all posted xxx
  • good luck hun, bet ur excited to meet your little princess xxx hope u have a nice easy labour xxx
    30 days to go
  • Good luck, Im booked for my section on Monday and I too would much prefer natural so am doing evrything in my power to get this little one moving.
  • Hope all goes super smoothly for you x Enjoy every second of meeting your beautiful baby x
  • thanx all of u,yea i am really looking 4ward to meeting her.FEELS SO REAL NOW!i just put the moses basket in our room,the bouncy chair in the living room and her car seat on the base all ready for goin in the car!! xxx
  • How exciting but how frustrated that nothing has started on its own. Gud luck tomorrow and cnt wait to hear all about ur birth story. Kerry xxx

  • You not had it yet???...LOL...sorry couldn't resist!!!!

    Am sorry it hasn't happened naturally hun but excited for you that you will be meeting LO at the weekend. Hope all goes smoothly for you.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Hey hun good luck hope everything goes ok for you Sophie,Ashleigh and Teigan xx

  • ooooo good luck exactly same thing happened to me!!!!
    i hope it all goes well 4 ya

    vicky + summer xxx
  • Good luck Hannah
    hope you go naturally tonight or first thing, if not don't worry, you get to meet your girl soon!
    take care
    Em x
  • Good luck Hannah
    hope you go naturally tonight or first thing, if not don't worry, you get to meet your girl soon!
    take care
    Em x
  • Good luck!! Hope it all goes well
  • thank u!i hope somethin happens tonight too but cant see it! victoria,did u have to b induced too then?all people keep telling me is horror stories! xx
  • Hi, am trespassing from baby forum! Just wanted to say a quick good luck. I was like you and waters went on the frday, contractions started and did get stronger but not strong enough. Come sunday night i had to be induced which i was dreading. But it was absolutly fine. Monday morning at 06:20 on new years eve i had my beautiful baby girl, Holly! Its not as bad as some say. In fact like te lady above i had an amazing experience and really enjoyed it. Only problem was that i had 3rd degree tear at the end which may mean i have to have c sec next time. My labor was so wonderul that i would do anything to have vaginal delivery next time!
    Thinking of you! xxx
  • ooh thanx thats reassuring to read 2 lovely birth stories,thanx!sarah my 1st little girl is named holly as u probably guessed frm my name! i had a 2nd degree tear with holly so suppose theres always a chance of that.Not 2 sure what will happen but a mw did say id probably go straight onto the drip thing to start contractions as my waters have already gone,cant w8 to meet my daughter,not long now!! xxxx
  • good luck hope its a quick labour xxx
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