need advice

Hi ladies,
im 30 weeks tommrow. i woke up this morning feeling a bit wet tmi, i had knickers on for bed.
i have put on a panty liner if it was my waters how wet would it be?
also my lady bits seem a little swollen,
baby is bouncing about happy.
emma 29+6 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • hiya didnt want to r and r if any doubt speak to your mw hun xx
  • Give your midwife a call hun, may be worth getting checked out just to be on the safe side x
  • hello,
    i have put on a pad today and im not wet at all just have loads of discharge guess it changes every day.............
    she does seem to be pushing in to my pelvis a lot'
    guess im just peeing myself alittle(blushing)
    emma 29+6 xxxxxxx
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