Should I be worried?

Hi Ladies,

I haven't ever posted in here before, not even during my last pregnancy (mc at 9 weeks) but am freaking out and wanted your opinions.
I am only 4+4 today but have noticed that my nipples have stopped hurting. They were really painful yesterday morning but today nothing.
Should I be worried? Is it normal for symptoms to come and go?



  • Hi love,

    Some of my signs went and came back it was not till I was about 6/7 weeks that they ended up staying and I got some more.

    Your still very early and most women do not feel any different at this stage so please I know it's hard but I would not worry image

    K xx
  • Hey hon. Keep meaning to email you again, I will very soon!

    Agree with Karen... signs come and go and to be honest, its normal not to have any real signs until about 6 weeks onwards.

    Keep yourself rested and try as hard as you possibly can not to get yourself in a stress about it OK.

    thinking of you xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi,

    Don't worry hon, symptoms do tend to come and go, I was the same and it does worry you at first. Just make the most of the days you get a breather!!

    Sazzle 14+4 xx
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