Rib pain!

Hi, i am 26 weeks and for past few weeks have been getting increasing rib pain! especially on the right side, it gets worse through the day and by night time i am doubled over as though i have a cracked rib or something!
Went out for a meal on fri and half way through i had to stop eating and lean on the table just waiting for oh to finish!
mentioned it to mw and she said its normal to get some pain as your ribs move outwards and the muscles stretch! but it hurts soooo much!
then when i do find a comfy position for my ribs my back starts to ache!

just wondering if any of you ladies are experiencing anything similar and have any tips for easing it? oh thinks im a right whinge bag but it really bloody hurts!!!
Lis x x


  • I havent taken any yet as i dont like the idea of having em while pg, i have been using lots of pillows and hot water bottle to try and ease it but tonight am gonna take some paracetamol before i go to bed as its been quite bad past few nights and its really affecting my sleep!
    mw was ok, she said that as your sat upright through day the muscles around your ribs are put under pressure which is why it gets worse through the day. But that doesnt help much as its just the nature of my job to be sat upright all day!
    x x
  • thats not a bad idea, i do have one from topshop but its just a strip of material really, not a support one. think i will order one and see how that goes.
    thanks hun x
  • Hey there,
    I experienced really bad rib pain & it was the baby kicking!
    It's moved position now where it's feet are still in my ribs (especially the right side what's that all about!) but not as uncomfortable.
    Unfortunately there's not much you can do but when it was really bad I would get onto my hands & knees & swivel my hips for a while it seemed to move the baby.
    Good luck
    Lauren xx
  • Hiya
    Oh your post did take me back! My LO is 4.5 months now and from about 24 weeks managed to get himself wedged right up under my ribs. It caused me immense pain, particularly if I was sat still for any amount of time. Restaurants were the worst, I'd have to stand up and have a stretch for a good 5 minutes during the meal.

    I have to be honest, the only thing that gave me any proper relief was giving birth and shifting the bugger out of there for good. But to manage it well I used to live on my birthing ball. If I was sat up straight on it, it would encourage him to move down a bit, or if I was leant over it and swiveling my hips. I spent about 4 months like that! That ball was an absolute godsend for me!!
    Thinking of you with my full sympathy!!
  • hi,iv had bad rib pain since 22 weeks , sometimes its so bad i cant even move its agony! saw my mw and she said it could be thd baby and she told me to see how i go on untill next appointment. i find it hurts when iv been sitting down for a while and when i where a underwired bra. so i now live in my sports bra. xxxxx
  • Hello guys

    I've had the same rib pain since week 20, I am 28 + 2 now. It first started on both sides, now it's more on the right side on my front and back.

    I spent some time trailing the internet to see if I could cure this pain but unfortunately have come up with nothing. My midwife said the pain was normal and that my rib cage was getting pushed out to make room for my growing baby. Ok so I had a reason now but it wasn't very comforting.

    There are things that have eased the apin considerably. I find that taking a walk in the morning and again at lunch time helps. Make sure you don't slouch over your desk.

    I haven't tried a maternity belt but I know that when I wear a belt high up under my bra the pain isn't as bad.

    A bath in the evening nearly always takes the pain away, even if only for a little bit. I have a bath every evening now and this is great for unwinding after a stressful day.

    Some other advice that I've not yet tried is alternating a warm and cool compress. Also yoga is meant to help. I've read about some people combing yoga with a visit to an oesteopath but I guess this would be something to discuss with your GP.

    The pain never really fully goes away but I find it is much better now.

    Hope this helps x
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