first scan

ive got a scan on wednesday but im soooo scared!
am i normal to be scared?
im scared that im doin things wrong for my baby!
this is my first baby too!


  • i was scared of everything! first scan will overwhelm you so much it is so worth the wait. i found the waiting so painful and i was so worried about everything i had done before found out i was pg.
    this is my first baby too and as many others will say, you really arent alone, we all worry at every symptom, then they disappear and u worry again!
    good luck! cant waitto hear bout ur scan!
    holly xx
  • good luck with your scan and i'm sure it will absolutely fine. Still got 2-3 weeks to wait i think for mine.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Jules x
  • i will! hope i dnt have to have an internal!
  • Yes, let me know how it goes - I am very nervous waiting for my scan too, totally paranoid that things arent as they should be - especially as getting lots of pains everywhere!!

    Not seeing the midwife til the 9th Dec so guess maynot get scan til after Xmas.

    Dont worry if you do have to have an internal - I had lots of appointments earlier with a gyne and its done very professionally - I am really prudish and coped!!

    Good luck let us know how it goes. How many weeks are you?
  • im 10 weeks tomorrow! image my first midwife app is on the 12th of december! really excited!
    how many weeks are you??
  • I'm a bit behind you just about to enter week 7 so mid wife appoint will be week 8/9 for me - quite early compared to yours - I think its cos she wants to get things booked in b4 xmas!

    You will have to keep me updated with your progress so I know what's coming!! Its all very exciting, but scary too!

    Good luck with the scan xx
  • is this your first baby?
  • It is indeed! Its also taken me 13 months to get here so desperate for everything to go well!
  • aww congrats then hun! this is my first too i had a mmc in july so im on edge to every thing as you prob can imagin! i really hope you have a healthy pregnancy image
  • aww congrats then hun! this is my first too i had a mmc in july so im on edge to every thing as you prob can imagin! i really hope you have a healthy pregnancy image
  • Hi Bec and Bump... I was following your posts over the weekend.. I am so thrilled that you have a scan date - you must be so relieved... here are two posts that I posted earlier in the week... not sure if they will help... but all I can say is the wait is the worst bit...
    posted last week

    I have my first scan later this week - and I have suddenly become really nervous about it ... did anyone else feel like this...? I am starting to think about all the possible things that could be wrong... I have for some odd reason heard of two missed miscariages this week alone... and I can't help but wonder if all is okay in there.. I know I am being paranoid and unreasonable - but this doesn't seem to stop me from being worried..!! Did anyone else feel like this... xx

    posted on Friday
    Hello All,, Just thought I would post my results from my first scan.... I have never been so tense and nervous in my life... I couldn't sleep a wink last night and this morning I was in a bit of a state.. and as I mentioned before normally I am very calm and positive person...
    Well - the scanning lady was just wonderful... and I can't thank her enough - she was so so kind... my hubbie and I were so thrilled.. and all was absolutely fine with the little creature...!! I had to have two attemps at the scan for the Nuchal Measurement - as the little one was burried in a corner... but after a 20 min break and a cup of sweet tea - 'it' was ready to be the star of the show... and by the end of the scan I had tears of joy pooring down my face...!! And one exciting thing was the result from the nuchal measurement - I went from being high risk (due to age - 36) down to low risk... the age of a 20 year old... so the rate went from 1 in 203 chance down to 1 in 1030... which is pretty fantastic I think...!
    So for all of you who are waiting to go for your first scan - I can say the days running up to it are hell... with every possible scenario running through your head... but to see you little bean jumping around and waving a little hand at you is worth all the stress before hand...
    Hope you are all having a good Friday... mine is just exceptional... can't stop looking at my little scan photo... pretending I know exactly what I am looking at..!!!

    really good luck will be thinking of you on wednesday..
  • that is exeactly how i feel! im got things running thru my mind that are so silly! that has helped me loads! thanks june x x
  • I will have my fingers and toes crossed for you on Wednesday - remember to take a pack of tissues... I really did have tears of joy and relief pouring down my face... bring on Wednesday..!!! xx :\)
  • tomorrows gunna be hell 4 me!
  • tomorrow will be long.. and be prepared to get even less sleep than normal.. if I am completely honest...the night before my scan I had a long bath... and had a long chat with my tummy..!! I told it what was going to be going on tomorrow... and I was going to be seeing him/her for the first time..! I know it sounds silly - but in a way it did help... Then when I saw him/her/it..! on the screen - I said a secret hello.. golly it brings tears to my eyes to think about it now.!! how silly is that ..!! xx
  • thats not silly at all! i think ill try and get sleep tnite and have a relaxing evening tomorrow! if there is such a thing! lol
  • good luck..! we shall be all waiting to hear the news. xx
  • well as soon as i get home i will let u all knw
  • just a question do i need a full bladder wen having my scan???
  • oh yes! full bladder!! i was crying at my first scan as i couldnt keep my bladder full! i kept nipping the loo as i was kept waiting for an hour! oh kept telling me off for letting a bit of wee out every ten mins! then topping up with my water bottle!! but well worth it and the long wee afterwards! xxx
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