4d scan - highly recommended! UPDATED WITH PICS

I had a 4d scan yesterday and I can definitely recommend it. I went to babybond in heathrow and the sonographer was amazing. The cord was in frnt of the baby's face, but she was so patient and let us go out have a coffee, wait for half an hour and try again - and it worked! the pictures are brilliant and I feel even closer to my baby now - they are absolutely brilliant!

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  • Aww bless i have mine at babybond in peterborough saturday cant wait! how many weeks are you? do you have pics? xx
  • Hi Samantha,

    I'm 27 weeks. I do have pics but i need a scanner to put them on here, so will have to wait till i get to work, but it is so amazing seeing his features, my mum was completely overwhelmed when she saw them too. You'll really enjoy it on Saturday, and try lucozade to get your baby moving if baby isn't in the right position - it seemed to work for me. Let us know how you get on.

  • our 4d scan is with babybond on the 11th of march, can not wait now. glad you really enjoyed it. xxx
  • I am also 27 weeks and had my scan at babybond Norbury on Saturday and you are right Ellisy, it is totally amazing!! I have spent the whole weekend on cloud nine and keep looking at her picture and thinking about all the things she did! She looked so small and vulnerable, I just wanted to cuddle her!! I too feel so much closer to her now, not that I didn't before, but it has gone to whole new level! I am so so so excited about meeting her now, I just cant wait!!!! Only 90 days to go............

  • Hey radrosh how are you? We're due on the same day 30th may as I also have 90 days to go - scary but soooo exciting. I feel like you, so over the moon seeing him and now cannot wait to meet him properly. I think the scans help so much with bonding. I feel even closer to him and more protective over him already!

    How are you feeling at 27w?
  • Yay, I have not met anyone with my due date yet!
    I feel pretty good at the moment. I have been really lucky in that I had no symptoms at all in the first trimester besides the tiredness and have been really well all the way through! I didn't feel my best through most of my 2nd trimester though, in that I was really emotional and weepy, but it all seems to have passed and all is good! Baby is moving all the time at the moment which I love! She is constantly kicking me in the ribs and gets the hiccups daily (which I secretly LOVE!!!) She was quite active at the scan too, but would not move her hands from her face, she is camera shyimage But we got some amazing pictures of her that I seem to stare at all day! And she is definitely going to be a thumb sucker.. she was sucking her thumb at 20 week scan and then again on Saturday! Aah, listen to me, I am besotted!!

    How are you feeling?

  • I will be 27+1 on sat so did you see alot? i was worrying about what we would see.

    Thanks xx
  • Radrosh - yay we're birth day buddies! It's so lovely hearing you talk about her, you're just like me absolutely besotted and I think the 4d scan has made me worse! Sorry to hear you've not felt too good, I;ve had a few weepy days my birthday being one of them - no particular reason but just sobbing all day! I've got quite a bad back and have physio tomorrow but apart from that I usually feel quite full of energy and I love being pregnant! He moves loads and kicks me in the ribs too and i think i might have felt hiccups the other day too which is so surreal - i love it!! I really really love him! It's weird to think i won't see him on screen again until he's how - only the month after next now!!

    Samantha - I was 27 w exactly at the scan and it all depends on what position they are in. When we first got there he was facing the wrong way so she got me to empty my bladder and then he faced the right way, but the cord was in front of his face which was making him look really odd! So we went out for a drink and a walk and then came back and it is really clear, i could see his face clearly and every single finger and toe. He was playing with his feet and then lifted his hand up to his forehead as if he was saying please guys enough already, let me sleep! It is amazing you will love it. Enjoy and let us know how you get on.


  • Thats wonderful honey hubby and i are going to be doing this around 27 weeks image I am so pelased you feel closer to your little one.

    K xx
  • I'm so excited now we have our 4d scan next Saturday and I will be 29 weeks that day. We are going to Baby Bond in Bridgnorth with my parents and have asked for the DVD. Does anyone know if they give you any stills with this or is it a moving DVD only?
  • girls I would LOVE to see your photos please. so glad the scans were amazing I really want one now!

    radrosh26 were they good then at that babybond as that is the one we would go to if we decide to do it.

    what packages did you go for and would you recommend going at 27 weeks as I was going to wait till my bday when i will be 28+6?

    thanks xx
  • I got 4 prints with my dvd. Opted to pay ??20 extra on day for all stills on disc. Had mine at 31 weeks. Was a fantastic experiance. I fell in love. x
  • Ellisy

    Thanks! i am very excited now! ill let you all know how it goes sat xx
  • Here are a couple of blurry pics we have another one which husband hasn't put on to computer yet but i'll upload when he does.

    NewMrs B i went for the dvd solo ??125 and got 3 B&W pics and a dvd which ended up being 20 mins long! They say 27 weeks is best as if not in right position you can come back anther day, but 28 weeks would be fine too.



  • Gatecrashing from ttc, but i just wanted to say cogratlations and the pics are great image x
  • NewMrsB they are lovely!! They make you feel like your little one is the most important baby they have ever scanned!! I would highly recommend them!

    Hopefully that worked and should be a link to my little lady!!
    It really is the most amazin experience, anyone who gets the chance to do it, you really must!!!

    Ellisy, your little man is gorgeousimage

  • aww great pics, so cute. xx
  • gorgeous pics girls thanks so much for sharing.

    radrosh they sound really nice and thats exactly how i would want to be treated - lol image! Did you get the dvd too?
  • awwwwww there so cute great pictures makes me want to have one now xx
  • Awww ta for sharing those, they're lovely pics! and he's soooo cute!

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