Whats my body doing?? Am i pregnant??

Hey all,
Im soooooooooooooo confused lol

My cycles are between 29 and 35 days, my last 4 periods were 35,35,32,32 and now im on cd39.

My cervix is high, hard and closed. I had AF cramps last week on the monday, tuesday and wednesday and now they have gone. I have had the odd niggle here and there but nothing. Tested Monday with a Tescos HPT - BFN, tested this morning with a FR, BFN.
Dont really have any other symptoms - the odd mild pain in my boobs although not unusual and i think my sense of smell is a bit more sensitive,

Its sooooooooooo unusual to be so late - does anyone know of any reason why i could miss a period?

Had a Chem PG in month one and am ow in month seven of ttc.

Help lol xx


  • sorry i cnt help 2 much,hope the reason ur late is cuz ur preegnant but just wanted 2 say that for some reason my af's just stopped in 2007 and i never found out why.I had none for 4 mths whilst we were trying for dd2 and somehow luckily got pregnant on month 4 of having no af!! bodies r so strange!! i also got pregnant this time whilst having no af.(im breastfeeding my 10 mth old so havent had af) hope u get a bfp very soon xxx
  • Hi darling

    I am still confused but this myself!!! I was sooo sure you woudl text me this morning to say BFP!!! I think from all you have said with more CM as well thats a very good sign and that it could just take a few more days to show up?

    K xx
  • Its a nightmare lol I still havent come on, still no period, still 'feel' like i will get a positive but NOTHING lol

    Has anyone else had to wait ages for a positive result?

  • i was 6 weeks in my 1st pregnancy b4 i got a pos result xx
  • my af was 17 days late till i got my bfp and i was having symptoms from about 8dpo so it is possible fingers crossed for you hunn
    claire x
  • Just to let you know AF just arrived.
    Hopefully will be joining you all next month.

    Hope you all have H&H pregnancies.
    Loads of love
    Rebecca x
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