No more scans after 20 weeks?

Is it normal not to have any more scans after the 20 week one?
I am reading lots of you are having growth scans and stuff around the 34/36 week mark but I haven't been given the option of any more.
It just worries me incase the baby is too big or there's something wrong before labour etc....

Whats the norm?

32+4. xx


  • Most hospitals (including mine) offer you one at around 12 weeks and one at 20 weeks and that's it, unless there is a problem with baby that they need to look at. Some hospitals only offer a 12 weeks scan, so I consider myself lucky to have been given two lol

    Kristy 23+5
  • Yeah, it's normal for the 20-week scan to be the last one, they will usually only offer you another one if they are concerned about the baby's growth or some other issue.
  • Hi

    I had my 12 week and 20 week scan and that is it as a standard (like Zoey says). I then had to have a 'presentation scan' at 37 weeks because they weren't sure if the baby was breech or not. (Turns out head down - good). They only offer you other scans after 20 weeks if they need to check out something like the growth or which way around the baby is...

    41+0 - bloody hell!!!!
  • Hiya Sugar!

    I'm not sure what the 'norm' is.. I have had 6 so far and due another one at 36 weeks I'm 31 +1 now.. but that's purely because i'm huge and solid.. baby showed as mearsuring that he'll get to 11 pounds, and that I've had a gush of aminotic fluid so they had to check how much was left in there!
    Perhaps ask at your next midwife appt they might give you one if you feel worried... if you only feel worried tho because of what you have read here.. I would try not to i'm only having mine because we thought he was coming out way to early (28 weeks) and now were wondering with the size of him if he can physically get out that way at all! lol


    P.S. Floopy how far over are they going to let you get? xx
  • Like everybody else says, one dating scan (around week 12) and one abnormality scan (around week 20) and that's it in the UK unfortunately.

    I myself didn't think that's enough because I am not originally from the UK and all my old friends back home can have a free scan and picture every time they go for a check up! (I had to pay for ??4 for every picture I had.)

    Anyway, I had 3 scans so far and at least one other one to come. This is because they couldn't see everything they needed to see on the abnormality scan (baby was lying awkwardly for them to see), so I had one at 12 weeks, one at 20 weeks and one at 22 weeks. To be honest I found it quite reassuring to go back and see my baby again. Got to go back for another scan at week 32, because of a low lying placenta.
  • OK thanks guys.
    I guess cos they said everything is OK at the 20 week one then I won't get anymore unless there's a cause for concern.
    At the mo, she is head down and I am only measuring 1cm more than my dates and mw said that is fine.
    Thank you for all your reply's, I will keep my fingers crossed that I only need to see lo in 'real life' now when she pops out at 40 weeks - haha!
    Rachel. xx
  • I am from Northern Ireland and you get a scan around 17 weeks then 23 weeks and then another at 34 weeks. This is normal. I never got my 34 week one as Kara arrived the day before my scan so I can't say what that one is for.
  • Hi it must be love

    They've booked my induction for Wednesday morning at 9.30. They only let you go 10 days over in my area (thank god) but if I lived another 2 miles down the road, I'd be into the neighbouring area and they let you go 14 days! Still hoping for things to happen naturally before Wednesday though...

  • Hi

    I think it all depends, I have had three scans so far, one at 10 wks due to bleeding, 12 wks, and then 20 wks, and am due 4 another scan this week to check growth as baby undersize, and then I have one booked at 28 wks also. I think it can depend whether you have any medical conditions, as I am under a consultant during the term of my pregnancy.

  • Yep, as far as I know 12 and 20 is normal in my area too. I'm having another one this week though due to borderline low placenta.

  • Up in the highlands we only get one scan at 12ish weeks and then they leave you to it! - So we don't get to find out the sex if we want to - i don't know if its cause we've gotta travel so far or something.
    I find it a bit annoying cause i'm always reading about people having 20weeks scans and i get jealous but i wouldn't pay for it - we'd have to travel too far and its so expensive just need to be patient!
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