Back-handed compliments...



  • Ha Ha, how funny !

    My dh is very well behaved he's always saying "you're not fat you're pregnant" when I complain that I look like a dumper truck !

    Its my lovely work colleagues who need a lesson in niceties ! They keep teasing me about my clothes not quite fitting as well anymore (i've been putting off buying maternity clothes) and saying that i'll need to book two seats for our Xmas dinner just so I can fit at the table !

    I'm only 16 weeks but already baby bump is pretty impressive !
  • my 4 year old is the best for these comments, i was in the shower the other night, and she likes to sit on the loo and watch me! anyhow whilst i was showering i could see her looking at me and then she said "mummy your belly is fat!", charming, then she said "and your boobies are big! when i`m a big lady will i have big boobies like you!!"

    i had to laugh!!

    Nina xx
  • double post!

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