6 week scan anyone??

I have a private scan booked for saturday and will be 13 weeks so can't wait!! My sister in law is comming for a scan too and will be 6 and a half weeks by then but is worried she won't be able to see much and if it's worth the money so early. Any advice from anyone who has had a scan this early and what they saw would be very much appreciated.
Thanks ladies!!


  • Hi Faith
    I had a scan at 7+1 and we saw the heartbeat, beany embryo and egg sac. We were delighted to see the heartbeat and it really made it start to feel real! I believe a heartbeat can be picked up from 6 weeks, but with some people it's not detectable til 7 weeks. Fingers crossed for you and your sis-in-law!
  • Hiya, I had a scan at 6 weeks and 5 days and I saw the tiny embryo and the heartbeat. She may see a heartbeat and she may not...sometimes it isn't detectable until 7/8 weeks x
  • I had a scan at 6 weeks and they couldn't see much at all except the egg sack and a bunch of cells, no heartbeat. That scan was done because I was in hospital so I had another the next week to check baby was okay after my op and there was a clear heartbeat but really it was still a bit of a blob!

    My next scan at 11 weeks was so different - there was a little person in there! I would highly recommmend waiting, especially if it's done privately. It's very early so there won't be much to see and if there is no heartbeat yet it may be a bit worrying (even though it's perfectly normal at that stage). Your sil may just want to go back the next week again! That will get expensive!
  • Hiya,
    thanks for all the advice, we rang and cancelled her scan and she can book one for a weeks time to prevent any unecessary worry!xxx
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