I am 33 weeks and have just now got to the stage where I can't get comfy and those lovely little reassuring kicks feel like an attack!! I am really starting to feel a bit down and just want it all to be over.

Does anyone else feel like this??

I wish I didn't coz this is supposedly my last pregnancy (by choice) and I promised myself I would make the most of it. Is anyone else at the same stage as me and if so how are you feeling??


  • i'm a bit behind u at 29+5 but i'm also finding it hard to get comfy and i now wake up whenever i try to turn over in my sleep and my hips are killing me after just 10 mins of standing doing the ironing.

    i completely understand u feeling down, but don't put too much pressure on urself to enjoy it as this cld be what is making u feel like ur enjoying it less. 7 weeks to go, which i know seems like an age but if u think back how quickly ur last 33 weeks have gone 7 weeks is nothing and then u'll have ur beautiful baby to show for it and will be able to get comfy again.

  • i feel exactly the same im 32 wks also last pregnancy feel like i should make the most of it but so tired ,cant sleep .cant get comfy at all ,feel like babes gonna kick her way out once she starts moving im just hoping that as she grows there will be less room for her to move im just having a moan tonight cant wait for her to be here though lol and still enjoying having a lump ill miss it when its gone
  • I'm 29+3 and really uncomfy with constant heartburn and still being sick. Really miserable, feel guilty for moaning as wanted to be pg more than anything in world. I'm not glowing, just fed up. Roll on march when I get my beautiful baby and forget how horrid this pg has been.
  • hiya everyone - i am 30 weeks and am really starting to feel it! I am finding aleeping very difficult and feel uncomfortable all day as cannot get really comfy! But, its not too long now. Im sure when the baby is here and crying in the night and my lo still wants to get up and play i will be wishing the baby was back in my belly again so im trying to be thankful that i only ave one lo to look after now! I just cant believe how achy i feel and have quite 'painful' kicks as baby doesnt want to budge from breach and his feet keep kicking down my lady bits! Anyway, i am getting abit excited now i have bought a few things but not looking forward to birth so im trying to feel happy with the pregnancy as im not too sure im ready for him to come out!!! xxx
  • Wow thats six of us all in the same boat!!! My pregnancy has flown by up until now and I think the fact that I have been in and out of hospital a bit lately hasn't helped matters.

    I have felt so different about this pregnancy the whole way through compared to the other three, I think thats just me being panicky tho coz I have much bigger age gaps before and now this one will be 13 months after my last!!! Lets just say much as we wanted one more it wasn't planned quite so quickly.

    Listen to me rambling on I am so grateful that I am pregnannt and even more excited that its a little girl and maybe if I quit moaning about the negative stuff I would feel better.

  • Me too! I'm 31+5 and feeling really shitty. It has been a difficult pregnancy, have had hyperemesis and now spd to name but a few nasty symptoms. I'm soo tired and have a todller who's teething big I know how you feel though, this is my last pregnancy too and I thought I would also make the most of it but my body has conspired against me! I guess it's not really that long and we'll all be holding our beautiful babies. xxx
  • Me too! Im 33+1 and for the first time yday i said i cant wait not to be pregnant anymore. Im finding it hard to move about, get comfy, sleep etc etc. The heartburn is a killer, esp in the night and im started to feel so tired all the time.

    I have just started maternity leave fortunately so can rest up and get the nursery finished but im just wishing the next few weeks away and will then try my best to bring on labour!!!
  • Me kinda too I'm 30+6. I have good days and bad. Today Im all aches and pains and standing is very uncomfortable. Yesterday was ok though. I have a toddler that has been sick for the last week too which has probably done me a favour as I've probably done more resting then I would have done otherwise.

    I still feel as if I've got forever to go and I'm concerned what labour will be like this time. (I had an easy time last time so think it will be horrendous this time)
  • hello, im the same, im 32 + 4 days and this is my last pregnancy. i really wanted to enjoy it but although we planned on having 3 kids we didn't plan on there being only a 20 month gap between the 2nd and 3rd. the eldest is 4 and im 24. i thought that i'd enjoy ths pregnancy and i have done but im just so tired! if im on my feet for more than an hour then i get braxton hicks, the heartburn hasn't been toooo bad, but the baby was breech. im not sure if it 's turned yet but i think it has cos this child keeps trying to push its self out of my belly button! i'd forgotten how painful it could be, it seems to be worse this time round.

    anyway, thats my rant over with, i'm determined to enjoy this and as soon as i finish work on the 23rd then i'll actually be able to sleep whilst the kids are at nursery!

    Good luck everyone, im sure the weeks will fly past, the rest of the pregnancy seems to have done!
  • Hi, i am 30+6, i'm not feeling to bad except when she kicks now i think she may come through my stomach!! Makes me jump now especially at night-she like to punch or kick me in the hips which is uncomfortable :lol:
    I suddenly realised this week that i am not organised at all! We have all been really ill with flu so i haven't got much done apart from yesterday and today i've felt much better so i've washed all the baby clothes (have a bit already that was Emma's) and packed my hospital bag today-just a few things to add. The thing is although my due date isn't until 8th March i had cholastasis with Emma and was induced 3 weeks early and now i have all the same symptoms (very very itchy) which means that i will probably be induced early again which i don't mind but i've suddenly realised i may not have as much time as i thought! I do love being pregnant though so am trying to enjoy these last few weeks.

  • Hi I'm 29+5. I do love being pregnant, but like some of the others I have my good and bad days!! Sometimes I'm so tired, with aching hips and heartburn, I just want to sit on my own and cry-that sounds awful-but then other days I'm fine and love feeling the kicks and movement. It's extra hard with a 15 month old running about, especially as he's been poorly over Christmas and just wanted his Mommy to cuddle up to!!
    Still, I know that once it's over it'll be double the amount of work, so I'm really going to try to get over my moodiness and enjoy my last few weeks!!
  • Im 32+5 and i must admit that im struggling now. My back aches, i have spd, i struggle for breath and feel dizzy quite a lot - but apart from that im fine!!!! :lol:

    Can't wait till my lo is here but until then its worth every ache and gripe i have image

    Suzi 32+5 xxxx
  • Hi

    Im the same!! Im 36+5 and sooo fed up! I just want her out now, i know its not long now, but i cant help wishing the last few weeks away.
    Although no doubt once she is born, i will totally miss being pregnant and miss my bump and wish i was still pregnant lol

    Never happy are we? :lol:

    Sharon x

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