best place to have you're boobs measured?

Hi Girls

Just wondering where you have had you're boobs measured for nursing bras? I had mine measured at mothercare about half way through for just normal maternity bras but I think they did it wrong because the size they gave me didn't actually fit me properly. I'm a bit bothered about having them measured there again for nursing bras incase they get it wrong again.

Can anyone suggest anywhere where they will def get it right?

Also what stage did you get measured at? I'm 37+6 is this about right?



  • hiya l went to Marks & Spencer wen l ws 10 wks as my bras were already getting tight, the only thing the bras are expensive but gd quality. I'll go back there to get measured for nursing bras.xx

  • Hi Lucy

    I went to a large branch of M&S for antenatal bras and they were really good, even making sure that I had a little growing room. They're good in that they will run around to make sure that you get the best fit and not just fob you off with the first one they give you (or the most expensive!)

    Good luck and yes they say 2-3 weeks before giving birth is ideal for buying nursing bras.
  • Hi Lucy
    I would also give M&S the thumbs up! Have always been measured there and sometimes it is worth paying that bit more for a good bra. I also stock up on "everyday" bras from least i know i've been measured properly
    Hope it helps & good luck
    Sarah xx
  • I agree with M&S too.
    I am only just pregnant but got measured anyway as felt my bras were a bit tight.
    The lady measured me and then i went to have a look at some bras to try on. When i came back she checked what it looked like on and decided i needed a bigger size despite the measurements so was really pleased with how good they were.
    I also think they are alot cheaper these days as bought a plain black one for ??8...not sexy or anythin but v comfortable!!
  • Hi Lucy,

    I was the same as you and very dissappointed with Mothercare as they got it completely wrong and it was just not fitting right at all. Then I went to M & S and they re-measured me and were really nice to me and i'm so much happier with my new bras.

    Before I fell pregnant I was a 36C, then Mothercare measured me as 40DD, then M & S said 38F!

    I bought there 2 pack of nursing bras in black and white and they are so comfortable. I also popped into Debenhams and although wasn't measured I bought there 2 pack of nursing bras too, one was white and the other was black with pink flowers, and they are soooooo comfortable! I've never had bras so comfy! Both packs were 2 for ??25 so not too bad i suppose.

    If it helps I got measured when I was 37+1, so you are at the perfect time to get measured!

    Good luck and I can't reccommend M & S enough!!

    Amy 39+2 xxxxx
  • Hi everyone,
    Last year I went to a Mothercare World (large department with bra fitters) and a large M&S on the same day. They both said 36H, so I was happy. I expect I will do the same again this coming week, as I will be 36 weeks and need to get a couple of nursing bras sorted. I don't expect them to have anything to fit me now, but I'm going to order online from

    Hope this helps,
  • hi girls was just wondering what is the biggest cup size m&s do as i was a h cup b4 i was pg im now in a j cup but this is getting a bit tight now cant even imagine what cup size i will be when the milk comes in!!!
  • I have to say I didn't find them too expensive - mine were around ??12 each - they also wash and wear VERY well! I've had this size since around 15 weeks now and only have 3 of them so they're always in the wash.

    I also bought a couple from George at Asda - not maternity but Firm support bras - they were only ??4 and give a good shape as well - Victoria if M&S don't have any big enough it might be an idea for you to try Asda as well?
  • Last time I went to M&S to get measured, not for maternity bra, I wsa told they don't use tapre measuers anymore. So she just looked at me and took an educated guess!! I decided against spending my cash on a guess and hotfooted it round ot John Lewis where I got the most wonderful service.
    So I would definantly recommend John Lewis. S x
  • OH MY GOD!! Maybe I should have known better but I went today to have my boobs measured at Mothercare.....what a mistake!

    The girl that (tried) to measure me was only a trainee so fair enough but I have never known anything like it. She started to measure me under my bust....or so I thought. She was actually measuring me around the top of my bump and then went on to tell me that my measurement was "off the scale".....well duh! I already feel like a heffer without being told that I'm "off the scale"!!!!! She said that she wasn't sure that she got it right (understatement of the century!) so she went off to find someone to help her. No one had time so she was left to it. By this point I wasn't happy and started to get annoyed that no-one would help her, she was only a trainee for gods sake! She tried to do it again but with no luck so I ended up just trying on random sizes to see which was comfiest. I got really angry after about half an hour. I was so tired after having to dress and undress about 70 times I just ended up going home. I can't understand why no-one would come and measure me properly, I was there for long enough for someone to become free! Really bad customer service!

    I think I'm going to take everyones advice and go to M+S when I get my energy back! I don't care how expensive they might be! Bra shopping should never be this stressful!!!!!!


  • i got my maternity bras from m&s, think i'm going to have to go back there coz the ones i've got now are gettin a bit tight!! even though the woman who measured me gave me growing room as well!! ah well! excuse to go shoping for something other than baby clothes i think! could probably start my own adams at this point in time & we've not even been given anything by family yet!;20750;42/st/20080421/dt/6/k/fc61/preg.png

  • If you live near a Bravissimo store I'd thoroughly recommend them. They were really helpful to me and have excellent fitting service and a range of nursing bras. The mothercare experience sounds awful Lucy - well done for not losing it completely - I think I'd have stormed out! You'd really expect better from Mothercare eh?
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