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My baby has been lying head down from at least 31 weeks. Then yesterday (35 weeks) the baby felt like it was laying across the womb (very akward and uncomfortable) Then, last night when the baby had hiccups I could feel then up by my ribcage instead of by my pelvis as usual.

So, am now worried that the baby is in a breach position, next midwife appointmnet is late next week at 36 weeks.

Does anyone know at how many weeks the miswife would be concerned if the baby is not head down? From my antenatal classes I know that if the baby is in a breech position then I could go into hospital and a doctor could try to turn it round but this only works 50% of the time but I cant remember being told at how many weeks this would be done?

Also, if it is brecch and cant be turned round then at how many weeks would they want to do a c-section? I presume they wouldn't want to wait till exact due date?

I know if it has turned then it could easily turn back again but like to know what could lie ahead!

I thought I was scared of going into labout but the thought of a c-section seems worse somehow? I am hoping to have a homebirth!

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  • my antenatal said it would be of concern from 36 weeks if its your first, second time pregnancies may not engage until last minute.

    They try to turn some but not all depens on babies position because turing a long distance can cause probs with cord etc is what my midwife said. and if they think a section is the only way you usually go in a couple of weeks before due date.

    My midwife was very anti docs turning babies and so didnt say much positive on that one. You can lie in certain positions yourself to try and shift baby, look it up on the internet to see what it says?

    Sorry I am no help at all really. But whatever you do dont worry.
  • thank you to you both! a great help!

    i can understand now about them not wanting to turn a baby, makes sense and would rather keep the baby safe

    I guess on a positive side i'm getting impatiant waiting for the birth so 2 weeks early would be better than waiting till due date or being late!

  • my first was lying across the doctor turned him very uncomfortable!! but within 24 hours he had tured again. he didnt engage until i was actually in labour. your midwife will asess the way the baby is lying but chances are lo will engage when its ready to come into the world take care xxjojoxx
  • Wen i was expecting my first and they found he'd turned into a breech position at around the 36wks mark they just monitored me, and luckily he turned back round by himself so there was no need for any intervention. Sorry thats not much help especially as each areas do things differently but i wudnt worry just watch ur posture and like Zoey said try a birthing ball and im sure baby will turn back round before u see ur mw agen. Gud Luck. Kerry xxx

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