Babies r us Caversham range


I'm just doing some nursery research instead of working - well it is Friday! - and was having a look at the Caversham cot bed and changing unit on Babies r us. Its half price at the mo so seems very good value but we won't have chance to go and look at it for at least a week.

So I was wondering if anyone had this furniture or has seen it in the flesh and can give me an idea of the quality? Its the white finish that I'm looking at.

Thanks so much


  • Oooh I was thinking of getting the wardrobe. I'd be interested if anyone has seen it too! Hope it doesn't go off sale too soon!

    Niblett xx
  • Oh it does, that's great thanks. Maybe I should post this in baby too for anyone who already has the range - didn't think of that!


  • Hi I have the range, I think its always at half price cause i got mine in December, i have the changing unit (which is fab) and the cot so can't give advice on the wardrobe but i think its really good value for money

    Melissa x
  • Hi Melissa, its the cot bed and changing unit I'm interested in too.

    Do you have any problems with the cot not having a drop side? And have you found the finish to be quite good? We saw a nice white cot bed on the John Lewis website but were quite disappointed with the paint finish when we saw it in real life.

    If it always seems to be on offer maybe we will chance it and go and have a look next weekend.

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