Braxton Hicks?

Hello ladies, how are we all today?
I have a little concern, not something i want to bother my midwife or hospital with really, i think they might think i'm losing the plot if i turn up with another problem! Does anyone know if braxton hicks can be set off by activity? I know sex and orgasms can, but i seem to be a bit hypersensitive. Like walking up the stairs, or just standing up for a long time seems to set them off. What worries me is that they arent like i remember them with the boys, just tightening, they are so painful they take my breath away and i have to stop what i'm doing! I went shopping yesterday and had to keep sitting down because they were so bad, but within 20 mins or so of stopping what i'm doing they ease off.
And i've just had another one, all i did was get up to get my lo an apple, and that was enough to get them going! Is this normal? Does anyone know if BH become more painful with each pregnancy?


  • I seem to get them more when I've been walking or just standing for a while or just making quick movements, once I sat on the toilet and got one!
    I'm not sure whether they should become more painful with each pg but they should get stronger the further into your pregnancy.
    But they should never be painful, just uncomfortable. If you think they are painful I woul ring you mw just to check.
  • I managed to set off a whole series at 37 weeks while sitting down (although I was waving my arms around image)! I was giving a talk in a bookshop and they kept coming in waves, making me very breathless and uncomfortable, but they weren't painful. As has been said, if they are painful, I would definitely ring your midwife, if only to put your mind at rest.
  • Hello darling, mine are painful as well so much so I just kinda stand still and hope not to move in case they hurt more lol! I think I may just have a low pain threshold lol!
  • They are def more painful than i remember with the boys. Kind of like very early contractions, when you're wondering if it was a contraction or just a painful practice contraction lol. Not regular or anything like that so pretty sure its not early labour, but i'm seeing my midwife tomorrow so i will ask her opinion! Thanks girls xxxxxx
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