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Hospital bag

Well I need to start packing my hospital bag I will be 30 weeks this weekend. It may sound early but I went into early labour with my 1st baby at 30 weeks so I need to get organised

So I have got

2 packs of maternity pads 10 in each is that enough?
1 pack of 30 breast pads
2 nursing bras
1 button up nightie for labour and afterwards
pack of dark knickers
shower gel,shampoo and deo


3 vests
3 baby grows
pack newborn nappies
Do I need to take cotton wool?
1 shawl blanket
going home suit
hat and coat

Have I forgot anything important?

take care x

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  • Hey I copied a list off a post a few weeks ago here it is...

    Hospital Bag
    For me:
    Dressing gown
    Slippers/slipper socks
    3 Open front nighties
    Mini toiletries
    Comfortable clothes (to wear home)
    2 Nursing bras
    Breast pads (around 10)
    Maternity pads (about 20)
    Dark towel
    Hairbrush and hair bands
    5 pairs dark knickers
    Bath sponge
    Kandoo type wipes (instead of toilet paper)
    Wash bag for dirty clothes
    For baby:
    Going home outfit
    5 Sleepsuits
    5 Vests
    Cellular blanket
    Nappies (pack of 24)
    3 Muslin cloths
    2 Scratch mitts
    Cotton wool
    Nappy bags
    2 bibs

  • i didnt realise how much stuff you actually need. jeez suppose its all stuff that is essential x
  • Hey girls check out my post in march, itl be on page 1/2/3 cant remember now, but theres loads of suggestions xx
  • Oh I am honoured - that was my list!!!
  • ill be 31 weeks on saturday and we are going shopping then to get all the things that i dont already have. thanks your lists have been really helpful.
  • lol Moomin plz don't sue me for copywrite image
  • Thanks Moomin, I've just copied your list too, I probably need to start thinking about this as well!

    Bec 29 weeks today! x
  • hi girls

    heres the link to the thread loz monster mentioned

    hope this helps

  • car seat !!

    i took most of that, but i also took spare PJs for on the ward, with dressin gown.... i used my nightie for the birth then chucked it in a carrier bag to pop in the wash at home. the hosp should supply you with maternity pads, plus i took a few home with me as i bled quite heavily. i also took some robinsons in with me as theres nothing worse than hospital water, and i took sweeties too, for labour and something sweet for an energy boost while your body is gettin over labour !
  • Oooh thanks Emily - Robinsons is such a good idea, i hadn't thought of that! image

  • uw yeah, some juice is a great idea, thanks i didnt think of that!
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