Gossips, getting fed up (non preg related)

I have moaned on here a few times about my oh's family but today its really annoying me and I need to rant it off my chest. We live round the corner from my bil, but my mil & fil live miles away. They both talk on the phone to their mum everyday, sometimes more. I can cope with this but what I cant cope with is the gossiping and back stabbing that goes on. My mil will talk to my bil, then call my oh and discuss the whole conversation that she had with my bil with my oh, if she learns anything new from my oh she'll call bil back to tell him. What makes this worse, is that they lie about talking to each other and hide things from each other. Which then makes my relationship with my sil hard, as I never know what I am "allowed to say" and what I am suppose to know or not to know. This is doing my head in. What Mum gossips and shit stirs between members of her own family, or is this common? xxxx


  • In laws, i know just how you feel honey! Mine arent bitchy but they are very overpowering and manipulative, and they love to interfere!
    I know its easier said than done, but the only thing you can do really is ignore it as much as possible. If you say something that one didnt know, then its not your fault, its the other persons fault for lying in the first place! Can you talk to your OH and ask him to have a word with them all about their behaviour? After all, if you're pregnant you dont need any extra stress!!
  • Tuppence I TOTALLY and utterly sympathise with you. My family are a nightmare. I love them to bits but oh my god, the politics in my family are just shocking!!!

    I live 2-mins walk from my brother, my sister is 5-mins in the car, our parents are 15-mins in the car!!!

    If it helps, prob won't, but I'll tell you what me and hubby do...

    We back off a lot from my family and go through phases where we do our very best not to see / speak to any of them. We caused a stir once when we declined a tonne of invites to various family meals / outings / activities!

    We have weekends alone, just us two, where we pretend my family don't exist.

    Our problem is that we're a close family but now we all live so close together, its just too much.

    My Mum always gossips to me about my brother and sister, and she probably gossips about me to them. (Although I like to pretend she doesn't 'cos I'm the good, conforming, baby in the family! :lol: )

    My brother and sister will then gossip to each other and / or me about my Mum.

    They're all a nightmare. One of us all gets offended and left out if the others do anything (hubby and I always get left out of 'kids' activities as we don't have any kids - well one on the way!).

    If you ever want to email me to rant - please do!!!

    Joo xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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