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Not a big Prob but... Hair!!

My Hair used to be beautiful before I got pregnant! Shiney glossy bright healthy full my pride and joy lol now its Limp, dull greesy, split, dank, flat, & yuck!!

Any one else experianced this? any ideas for fixes? xx


  • Yes, have exactly the same prob! I've also done the same as Zoey & changed shampoo/ far is much better!!
  • Mine was a bit ropey for a while but it seems to have settled down a bit now, hopefully!
  • mine has been lovely - sorry!
  • lol lucky you red pod! lol

    think a hair dressers trip might be called for nice colour and a got healthy cut!

    Zoe - I usually use quite nice shampoos like Toni and Guy or Lee Stafordshire or John frieder but have just changed to panten ice shine so hopefully it might do the trick!

    Thanks girls - spose I just feel a bit low my hair is the only bit of me that cant get fat then it gets misrabbly thin and flat! lol xx
  • I usually have to wash my hair everyday as it gets greasy but the last couple of weeks its changed and doesn't get the greasy at all! The trouble is I'm now prone to dandruff which I've never had it before, but some head and shoulders sorted it.

    My skin is so dry also and I've become quite spotty, yuk! xx
  • lol I have dandruff and spots too! Shame for me I am a bit of a Dolly girl and like to be well looked after feeling a bit rough at the mo... havent coloured my hair since getting pregnant as I wasnt sure if it was safe but past the 3 months nearly 4 and anything ive read on here suggests its okay as long as you dont go over board! xx
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