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Can I clean my oven?

My oven is in desperate need of a clean and as I'm on mat leave now thought I will get it all clean before baby arrives as I know I won't have time or energy to do it once little one is here lol

anyway I'm 33+5 do u think the products will be safe to use if I keep the window wide open or can anyon recommend a cleaning product that's safe

gem x


  • All that I have read about cleaning and cleaning products is that they are perfectly safe BUT they recommend you DONT clean the oven as it is in a confined space and the air doesn't get to circulate as much. I have put mine off for now as we are getting a new one at any time.
    If I was you I would ask your partner to do it for you as it will be a lot safer for you and baby. I would still have the window open though when he is cleaning it as oven cleaners tend to be a lot more potent than other household cleaning products.
    Hope this has helped a little.

    Maz x
    85 days til due date!

  • I don't think it is ideal to clean the oven whilst pregnant due to all the chemicals.I know you can get gentler types of cleaner but not sure what they are.
    I think it is the perfect excuse to get your oh to do something !!

    I have actually booked a cooker cleaning company to come out and clean my oven as its in a right state !! I can't wait .
  • Have you thought about using something more natural then chemicals? I rarely use shop bought stuff now and stick to white vingar/bicarb of soda/lemon that kinda thing.

    Hope that helps image)

    PP84 x
  • If you use natural cleaning products you can give it a try, I think. I wouldn't recommend mr. muscle, but what I have done is mix equal parts salt and baking soda, then add water until it's a thick paste. It's a good abrasive and just spread it over the surface to be clean, leave for a few hours and apply a bit of elbow grease. Lemon juice or vinegar breaks through grease really well, and lemon leaves it smelling nice.

    I tend to do the baking soda first and then after I give it a good once over with some lemon juice and while it's not as easy as the industrial products, I don't have to worry about fumes.

  • Not with standard oven cleaner as it is too strong to be safe for you and your baby. As the other poster said if you used natural products yes it would be fine but why bother. Just tell your OH to do it instead lol XX
  • Thanks ladies il keep the mr muscle away and try the natural stuff suggested my Hubby is really great at cooking hoovering etc but there's no way I could let him do the oven he wouldn't know where to start and il prob end up with food poisoning! Lol x
  • G/C or have you got a hand steam cleaner i love mine works wonders had no prob cleaning oven while pregnant with this use it for loads cooker top,tiles, windows(hold further away for windows) etc just an idea but the best idea is get oh to do it lol
  • I did mine just before the in-laws descended at Christmas (was 28 weeks then).
    I used Oven Mate which is a thick gel you wipe on (it doesn't drip everywhere) and leave, then the shelves you put in massive zip-lock type bag they provide you with, with more gel in.
    I double-gloved, had long sleeves and kept the windows open and I had no ill effects and bubs seems fine too.
    xx 34+6
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