just some advice?

hiya everyone, i went to mw today, bubs was good, hb fine but my blood pressure was high, at first it was 129/88 then was 129/93, also my feet are still swollen and been getting a bit of headache,no protein tho in urine, so she sent me to hosp to the fetal assessment unit to check for pre eclampsia (sp)
They done bubs hb, again that ok, but bp was still a bit high and have white blood cells in urine (although i keep getting them, this will be the fifth time they have sent them off, all been ok,they dnt have an anwser for it!) they took bloods, history etc and said to come back sunday to fetal assessment unit to get results
am i bit worried now, and i didnt think that they would just send me home like that, the trace of bubba was fine, which i good but i just feel a bit cast out, if u know what i mean, and another thing it was a student mw, (although she was very nice) i thought it should have been doc??. sorry to go on! anyone had this b4? xxxx


  • sorry hun not been there myself but if ur atall worried ring the hospital n talk it thru with senior mw xxxxxxxx hope all goes well 4 u
  • hi. i have had pre eclampsia with 3 of my pregnancies and have been induced with each of them. usually if a student is looking after you and they are on their own, they will usually be in their final stages of qualifying and will always consult their mentor before sending you home. but i must say that i have always ahd to stay at the hosp until the results have come back of the blood tests. but i had more than just 3 of the symptoms of pre eclampsia. plus because of my history each time i had to stay in.
    try not to worry, i bet they have already told you what to look out for with the symptoms of pre eclampsia. they will help you if you need them to, if you feel unwell in any way then go back to the maternity unit. good luck hope your results come back ok. xxx
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