Hey all am 19 weeks and wondering how many of u experiance discharge and wot its like??? somedays i dont have any some days it can look watery like iv wet myself a bit and other times its thicker, (sorry for the tmi) i guess wot i wana kno is if this sounds norm??? any1 else get the watery stuff sumtimes????


  • hi

    i wld say the watery stuff is normal as thats all i(ve had up until the past week or two when it's susddenly got a lot thicker. only time u really need to worry with discharge is if its a funny colour or has a dodgy smell to it as this can be sign of infection. or if ur finding its a lot of watery liquid that has a sweet smell to it then best check this out too as it cld be ur waters.

  • I have had lots of different discharge - mainly watery or white lotiony type - always los though lol xx As siany said, unless it is a funny colour or smells odd then I am sure it is perfectly fine

    Tara 22+6
  • oh good, well i didnt think it wud be waters leaking but im a real worrier and u just never know image i do over react alot though, dont think it smells or anything i havent noticed, so have u both found that sumtimes it almost looks just a bit like uv dribbled a bit of wee into ur ants (sorry for tmi) as thats wat i had the other day?? XXX
  • It certainly does!! Really clear and liquidy!! You sound like you are fine image
  • oh phew, wot relief thanks so much for the replies, i am such a worrier XXXXXXXXXX
  • yup thats the the very same but i am convinced i still have bladder control at the mo lol xx
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