Help some advice please!?

hey ya, I am covering a 6 month post for materity - lol what happens I get pregnant after two and a half years of trying! I am wondering if legally I am ment to be paid for antenatal appointments that I have to attend during working hours?

thanks girls! x


  • I'm not 100% sure, but I think every pregnant woman is entitled to this. I'll look through my books and get back to you!
  • Quicker than I thought...
    My NHS preg book says that all employees are allowed 'reasonable' time off for antenatal apps, including travelling time, without loss of pay. They can ask to see an appointment card after the 1st app and/or a certificate to say you're preg.
    Added bonus that antenatal apps include parentcraft and relaxation classes, although employer can request a letter from GP/ midwife to say these are part of your antenatal care.
    Hope this helps!!
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