Urgent - waters leaking?????

hey everyone,

i woke up this morning feeling like i'd peed myself! obviously i hadn't, but could that be my waters leaking?
there wasn't a lot of liquid, it definitely wasn't urine, didn't smell of anything and was very pale yellow. (sorry if tm!!) Anyone have any ideas?



  • maybe call ur mw and see what she says , i dont know what my waters looked like as got them broken in hosp when was in labour so wasnt paying attention any way lol x
  • i would telephone your midwife for advice.
    Good luck!
  • ring mw and she will prob call you in to test if it was your waters as you are still early.

    Hope this helps xx
  • I had this happen to me twice over the weekend. I was advised to put a pad on and check after an hour. Was dry after an hour both times and had nothing since. Give your midwife a call sge will prob tell you to do same. How far on r u? xxx
  • yeah, just spoke to mw who told me to do exactly that. so have to wait and see.
    will be 36 weeks on sat, so still too early really!
  • How did you get on? Has it stopped? xxx
  • Hey hun.This may have been what they call your hind waters, the water infront or behind (not sure wich) the babies head. its not your main waters tho.my friend had her hind waters break at 35 weeks and had a healthy baby girl at 36 weeks so try not to panic!! xx
  • I had a similar problem to yourself- I had a leak of fluid that I was sure wasn't urine. I phoned maternity unit and mw wanted me to go in. The doc done an internal and said she could see fluid but she tested it and it wasn't waters.

    She suggested that it may be just a colourless discharge and just told me if there was any more to put a pad on and go back in to get it tested again.
  • Oh my gosh, exactly the same thing has just happened to me too! I think really I knew it wasn't my waters but I just had this niggle in the back of my mind as I remembered talking about the hind waters going at my ante-natal classes. So after talking about it with my OH we decided it was best to call the mw just for some reassurance but they said they wanted me to come in to hospital just to check, so I spent 3 hours on Monday afternoon in hospital with them checking me over and concluding it wasn't my waters!!!

    As unpleasant as the experience was I actually found it useful to get a bit of an insight into the hospital rooms and what it might be like at the beginning of my real labour (and it also prompted me to finish packing my hospital bag!!!).
  • my waters broke at 37weeks, it was clear and had a sterile sort of smell, i had my main waters broken 2days later,


  • hey everyone,
    thanks for the replies.
    i used a pad for a couple of hours, but it was dry, so i've not done anything else about it. I feel a bit 'leaky' again today, but i'm thinking it must just be discharge? nice huh?
    I thought i maybe had a show at the the weekend as well, but i'm not sure. there was just a bit of mucus (sp?) in my underwear, not a lot of it though and no blood. Sorry if that's tmi again, but does it sound like i could go at some point in the next couple of weeks, or is it just wishful thinking on my part?
  • Hey hun with my last baby, i had a slow leak from 27wks...i kept going in as sometimes when i stood up id get a gush...everytime i went they tested me with this cotton bud thing and it was neg....anyways this went on til i was 33wks (me going up saying im leaking..and them sending me home..) anyways i knew the difference from weeing myself to the other feeling i was getting...so by 33wks my tummy was really uncomphy, the baby moving hurt etc..i saw the doctor at the maternity ward and as i was in pain queired a placenta abruption and ordered a scan the nx day....on scanning me i only had 3cm left of water and baby could die if left much longer...they induced me that day...i had a hefty 7lb 5oz boy, but he had to go to SCBU as he had a very bad infection due to the lack of water but we where home in a week...obviously i wanted anwsers, as i kept getting sent away and nothing had been checked up til then, got a big apology and they said my hind waters had been slow leaking which is why i didnt leak all the time, just little leaks every now and then, which is why cotton bud didnt show it...i guess what im saying is trust yourself and ur instincts, because if i hadnt my 2.5yrs old wouldnt be here today, im not trying to worry you in any way, but if u feel anything is wrong make sure they check u out

    kim xxxxxxx
  • That is scary - just shows how strong a mother's instincts can be though!
    I'm not in any pain at all, and baby is moving normally. I've been having the odd period type pain, but nothing like you suffered by the sound of it. I'm gonna monitor things over the weekend and if things are still a bit leaky i'll phone the mw on monday.
    Thanks for all the advice!
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