can you feel the heartbeat if you......

his name is spelt alexanda and he,s the cutest baby ever!


  • look at that hair what a little angel
  • put your fingers on your belly?

    This sounds stupid but last night i put my fingers (the ones we have no pulse in obviously) and placed it low down on my belly and i could feel a heartbeat, was this mine or the babies?
    I am 19weeks and surely i have got this wrong!

    Just a random question as always with me
  • It could well be but it might be your baby's hiccups! My baby is hiccuping as I type this and at first it felt like a heartbeat, but now she is bigger its definately hiccups!! Its so cute!

    Amy 36 weeks xxxxx
  • i thought i could feel that too but i think it was my pulse, but if its realli fast then it could be ur baby xx
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