stomach aches

Hi ya this is my 1st post i'm 13wks +4 i've been suffering from really bad sickness morning and night and feeling sick most of the day although the past few days it seems to of settled down a bit. the only problem i'm having at the moment is terrible pains in my stomach and just between my breasts bit like heart burn but always seems to be worse as soon as i get up or just before i go to bed just wondering do you think the 2 pains are connected it's a bit worrying as not sure if to call the doctor about it or wait to see if it clears up been going on for a week or so. i haven't met my midwife yet had an agency one visit me at home to book me in not actually seeing her until 2nd jan don't even know how to get in contact with her as think she is only in the surgery once a week.
thanks for any advice


  • try having gaviscon to see if it helps. could also be stressed muscles if you have been throwing up a lot, sounds like you have reflux so gaviscon could help see your doc if it persists as they can get you large amounts of gaviscon on a prescription
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