Last night...

I was laying in bed and I was laying flat with my head on my pillow and I felt a lump on my left hand side very low down. I moved my hand over my bump and could really feel this little lump, I put the doppler there and I could hear her heart beat sooo clear I could not stop touching that area.

Whenever we use to try and find her heart beat she would always go to the left and the scan lady said she is on the left hand side. It felt so mad to be able to feel a little bump, do you think that was her?? I can't think what else it would be and I can only feel it when I am laying flat image

K xx


  • it sounds like it probably was! i think ive been feeling our baby move for a while but as its not that obvious keep putting it down to digestion or something although sometimes i think it must be the baby. cant wait till i can feel actual kicks and hubby can feel them through my tummy too!! x
  • Definately her!
    As time goes on you will be able to make out body parts as well, like bottom, head, elbow, foot etc! Its amazing isnt it!

  • Oh it's just amazing I could not touching touching that spot and got hubby to touch it loads as well, it felt sooo odd knowing that was where she was laying you know, I have not been able to feel that before I never felt any moving but could just feel this bump image

    K xx
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