nuchal scan advice please


I'm 11 weeks and have booked for a private nuchal scan and blood test next week. has anyone else had this scan and can tell me what to expect. the receptionist was pretty useless when i booked the appointment! do i need to drink lots of water before I go in?? also i have the NHS scan appointment 5 days after - should i still go to this or would they expect me to cancel ti do you think? sorry for all the questions but am in a bit of a stress about it all. was poorly over christmas with an allergic reaction to some salt body scrub and also had a little bit of brown discharge (sorry) so have been paranoid that something might be wrong now and just want the scan to go well image)

any advice would be really great image thanks


  • I had the nuchal scan at my 12 week NHS scan the sonographer jst asked if i wanted it done, took the measurement, from the back of the neck i think, then compared it to a chart she had, took my age into account and then gave a ratio of the risk. I was told to go to the scan with a full bladder, thought i was gonna wet myself b4 i went in! but soon 4 got about it when we saw lo on the screen. Don't see why u shud cancel NHS scan ur entitiled to it and its and extra chance to c the lo. Hope it goes wel!

    Lizzy xxx
  • Hi Lynda. I had a nuchal scan last Wednesday. I had the combined scan and blood test which gives a more accurate risk ratio. I had my scan at 6.15pm and had to have a full bladder, but not so full that it was uncomfortable. One lady had to keep going to the loo and empying her bladder a little bit as it was too full! I then had some blood taken to be tested. I had to wait until the following day for the results. Although the Dr who did the scan said everything looked fine it's not until they put the measurements taken from baby into a computer, along with your age and the hormone levels in the blood that they get the results. I came back at a low risk, thankfully. I had to pay for my nuchal, ??200(!), as my NHS authority don't offer a 12-week scan. I say definitely go for the NHS scan too! Once you've seen your lo on the screen at the nuchal scan you won't be able to wait to see him/her again! And to know you will be seeing him/her in 5 days time will be lovely!! Good luck.

    Serena xxxx

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