What's everybody doing??

I have come to the conclusion that i'm really lazy!!! Its half term, we didnt get up til 9, and me and the boys are still in our pj's! Poor OH left for work at 7, but we've made the most of half term by doing absolutely nothing! We just had our lunch (chips, very naughty!) and now we've decided to watch Harry Potter! The only time i've got up from the sofa is to make drinks or food, and to put some bits in the washing machine!!
Whats everybody else up to? Is anyone as lazy as me?? xxx


  • its half term your allowed to be lazy!!! so enjoy it while you can!

    i'm currently sat watching jeremy kyle- oh the shame. And slowly getting over the shock of my sweep this morning! i'm 41+1 today and went to hospital for my sweep and it bloody killed- i yelped like a dog it hurt that much. since then i've been getting pains in my back! So i'm hoping it worked.

    So i guess i'm having a lazy day now... or at least trying to

  • I'm being very lazy too, although I'm actually at work! Haven't done a single work related thing all day though!!
    I'm using the excuse that I feel sick after being kicked left right and centre all day and I'm achey. Oh and my boss didn't get in til 12.30 so if he can't be bothered then neither can i!!!! (terrible attitude I know)
  • yep im just the same, im being lazy image
    spent the day on the sofa watching daytime tv
    and eating far too much and only getting up when i need to. i love it! image

  • Oh i'm glad i'm not the only one! Waterbaby, how are you doing, any developments since your sweep?
  • hi lynz

    I've been getting pain every 5-10 mins only in my back though- so i dont know if its contractions or not. I'm not getting my hopes up as DR said there is only a 50% chance of it working.

    Thanks for asking

  • Aww well its a good sign if they are regular! Keep us posted xxx
  • Im being lazy aswel! I have started being able to work from home 2-3 days a week now so this is my first day and i havent done a thing yet! still in my PJ's OH left for work at 7 and i still havent moved lol how lazy!!! xx
  • the pains have stopped image
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