Hi my partner is coming on 13 weeks pregnant but of late is regularly suffering headaches.
Yesterday she couldnt cope with it so took a day from work.
Are these headaches normal? what cause them & most importantly how can they be inproved (or stopped!)???
Thank you x


  • I've suffered with headaches too, I'm 13 weeks pregnant today. The only thing I find helps is taking a nap. I think it's perfectly normal in early pregnancy due to the increase in hormones. If she's worried then check with your midwife, her blood pressure could be high (or low), but hopefully they should start to settle down in the next week or two (that's what I'm hoping anyway!).

    Serena xxxxx
  • I am 13+4 and have suffered from these too, the only thing i find like serena is to have a sleep having my 2 noisy girls doesnt always help either considering everyone brought them noisy toys for xmas!

    I will also say though I wear glasses anyway but they do say it is common for your eyesight to change in pregnancy and to have an eye test during pregnancy every pregnecy I have had my eyesight has got worse and caused head aches. Just a thought and another thing to get checked!

  • hiya
    i suffered with headaches up until about 20wks, i think it was due to hormones and extreme tiredness. (also worrying didn't help!!) when i asked my doctor he said they were to be expected and to take a couple of paracetomol if i needed as these are perfectly acceptable to take during pregnancy. (i did try to only take them when i really needed to)
    it is my first pregnancy so i dont really have any more advice other than that - sorry.
    Gem x
    28 weeks +1
  • I'm nearly 13 weeks now and have been suffering with very bad headaches and they've started to turn into migrains. I spoke to my aunt (shes an experience midwife) today and was told its most likely due to hormones and was advised to take paracetamol and rest/sleep in a darkened room. If it continues i'm to see my gp as could be high blood pressure (though unlikely before 20 weeks) as my dad suffers with that (has to take medication) and my mum did when pregnant with me - so much so she had a c-section 2 weeks before my due date.

    Tell her to rest and if it persists or shes concerned to go to gp for blood pressure check - be quicker to see gp than midwife for this sort of thing.

    Lau xx
  • It's hormones and I have had them right up to now(20+4). She can take paracetemol, make sure she is drinking enough water and get her blood pressure checked out. Unfortunately, it's another one of them things! I have never been sick from work until I fell pregnent, and all my absences have been headache induced. Hopefully it should pas for her, and if you look further down the posts, there are LOTS about headaches as they are very common. Good luck. x
  • ah, thanks alot everyone have alot clear idea how to help her through this now - thanks again image x
  • I got such bad headaches but they just seemed to of gone now i did go to the doctors over them and they said i was alloud paracetamol for pain relief! xx
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