Slapped cheek free..

Well after being 'non immune' with the first blood test and then waiting for an agonising 25 days after exposure and then having a second blood test and waiting another week for the results, they are back and i don't have it!
Although it's a relief, the Doctor did say that as I have no immunity I should still be aware and try and stay away from young children tho as they may have the virus as apparently it is spreading like wildfire at the moment.
I asked her the best way to avoid it in the future and she said once I have had the baby, to try and get it to become immune for any future pregnancies as there is no vaccine!
Now all I have to do is stay away from children for the next 9 weeks and 2 days (ish!). That's easier said than done, my boss has a 14 month old....
As if we all don't have enough to worry about hey?!
Anyway, at least I can relax that I didn't catch it after the exposure.

Thanks to those if you who supported me through the last month of worry.

30+5. xx


  • Hi MrsE

    So glad to hear you don't have this horrid virus! It must be a great relief!

    My first bloods came back and I don't think I'm immune (we must be part of the 30% of the population who's not had it!) but they want to repeat in 10 days(?) then at 25 days. So I'm a bit confused - phoning doctor this afternoon and seeking advice as to whether I should be going into work and sitting at the same desk training someone who is at risk too.

    Glad to hear you only have a few days left before the safe period x x x
  • ooo, Mrs E, just noticed your dates - didn't see them when I wrote first reply. I thought the risk fell at the end of 20 weeks but is it later than that? x
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