What happens in an early scan?

I have an early scan tomorrow (8 and a half weeks) to see if lo is ok - will there be anything internal, or is it just that gel-stuff on tummy and stuff rolled over it?! (as seen on tv!) Also, will it be easy to find a heartbeat? (very scared about what it means if they don't...)


  • Hi the baby is quite low down at this stage so sometimes its difficult to scan therefore an internal scan is required!!
    Not sure about the heartbeat as i only heard the heartbeat when i went to see the midwife!!!

    J x
  • had an early scan with first and was not internal at that time approx 8 weeks i think. Don't remember about hearbeat but don't think i did at that stage. Filo x
  • They will probably try a gel on the tummy scan to start with as you are 81/2 wks but if they do not get the detail they need or your dates are slightly out then they will do an internal. x
  • u should be ok to have an external one, i had a private early dating scan as i thought i was between 8 and 10 weeks i had an external one and it was very clear but i was 9.5 weeks. also saw the heartbeat and then heard it. the baby gets a heartbeat at 6 weeks some people have seen it a bit b4. if u r 8.5 u should be able to get the heartbeat. i'm sure they will explain everything to you, enjoy it anyway it is really amazing seeing ur baby on screen and hearing the heartbeat xx
  • It will be an external one (on the belly), they will only do internal if your dates are out, or if you're before 6 weeks. I had an external scan at 6 weeks and they saw the heartbeat xxx
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