thought i was having contractions

feel so so stupid! this morning i had teriable pains in my lower belly, it was so bad i couldent move a inch!! i was liturally on the floor. i couldent even lift my foot to take my jeans off,it was that bad, then after about 30 min , i went to the toilet and tryed to do a poo, felt like i didnt need one then after a lon while i went!

feel so stupid how i thought it was contractions or something! when it was only coz i was consipated! iv suffferd with consipation all my life but have never had pains like that before!

feel silly now,if that hurt what the hells labour like!! haha. anyone eles had really bad pains like this?



  • ohhh the infamous poo pains!

    I have had these a few times when I haven't been able to go for a few days and then I get what can only be described as crippling stomach pains but as soon as I have had a poo they have gone.

  • That sounds awful i will defo be making sure i eat plenty of foods that will help me go, I cnt imagine constipation pains matching those of contraction. Hope u dnt get them again, u did well to hold on i think i wud av bin on the fone to my mw (how embaressing wud that b). Kerry xxx
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