Had an early scan at 7 weeks - now I am 10 weeks...

and I can't stop worrying that I am going to go to my next scan and there won't be anything there... is anyone else having these irrational thoughts... I am having slight cramps right behind my (sorry for graphic details) pubic hair part... is this normal...?


  • Hi,

    It's perfectly normal to worry, although the fact that you had a scan at 7 weeksand all was ok is a good sign that you are worrying about nothing. The cramp feeling is your uterus stretching and getting bigger so perfectly normal.

    Hopefully you wil feel much better once you have got past 12 weeks but I don't think I stopped worrying until I got past my 20 week scan! No-one tells you about how paranoid you get when you are pregnant do they?! =D

    Try and relax, I am sure everything will be just fine.

    L xx
  • I was totally paranoid and I didn't even have a reason to be- no bleeding or past mc or anything! I think it's natural to worry. You keep telling yourself that at the next appointment/scan you'll feel better but it doesn't really happen. I only stopped feeling paranoid when my baby started kicking everyday then I knew that he was ok.

    22 weeks x
  • WOW big time jump! i'm nearly 7 weeks and think i'm slightly further ahead than i am but won't know till the scan. still a long time till that yet image you were lucky to get it so early on! look according to the docs when we have the baby no matter if it's first or fifth we're all neurotic so what they don't point out is we get neurotic before we've even had the baby i know i'm paranoid about EVERYTHING not just my bubba bear!
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