Can I eat a prawn sandwich! I am confused! I have read mixed reports on this, but my midwife yesterday said they are perfectly safe as long as cooked!
Help do i have a prawn sandwich or not!! HELP!!


  • They can't do you any harm - I think people say be careful that they are cooked as you should try to avoid getting food poisoning. I've been eating prawns for years but never been sick ! Where is the sandwich from ? They should be fine ... it's really down to you.

    I haven't had prawns since I got my BFP but don't know if I'm going to be able to hold out for another 30 weeks !!! image

    K xxx
  • Hey hun, well i have stayed away from all prawns and i love them, so i would say no but if your midwife says its ok then surely she knows what she is talking about.
    I cant wait to eat a pack of prawns it will be the first thing i eat lol x x
  • I alos love prawns but was told by midwife not to touch them in sarnie etc but they fine in a guessing its cos they hot and germs have been killed by heat, whereas in a sarnie they are cold when packed and could harbour germs.
    Im not going to risk it but will stuff my face when baby is born lol
    Amy 6+6 xx
  • Although I have never been ill from eating prawns, and love them, I avoided them in my last pregnancy unless they were hot, and will do the same this time round. As much as I'd love to eat some nice cold prawns, they will have to wait, along with the brie sandwich!! George. 9wks.
  • I have been eating them hot and cold but its one of those things that the advice is mixed so it has to be personal choice! xx
  • I love prawns too.

    I never touched them in my last pregnancy and the first thing I asked my brother to make me and bring to the hospital was a prawn cocktail with loads of marie rose sauce.

    This time I think I am craving them. however I have still stayed away from them, even cooked ones. I am just worried about them, my doctor told me not to eat them at all.

    AnneMarie xxx
  • thanks girls! i decided against it as knowing my luck i would have a bad one!! will try hold out until babies are born! prawns are my fave sarnie though! boo!!
  • I just wanted to say, i just spent a few days in hospital due to my blood pressure, and on their menu was prawn mayo sandwiches! So if they're happy to serve them up on a maternity ward i'm happy to eat them! xx
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