Q - When to do hospital bag?

hi ladies....spreading festive cheer to all xx

I am 30 weeks & was wondering when will be the best time to get my & babys bags ready for the big due date....as we all know babys will come into the world when they want to.

I want to wash all of baby's clothing & bedding etc...before packing....aswel, this is my first baby so unsure when to start packing...all advice very welcome...as dont want a mad rush or my hubby to get in a fluster.

little missie x
30 + 2


  • Hi marnie....hope you & ur family had a lovely christmas xx

    Space is an issue for us aswel, we live in a one bedroom flat. I may do it the same time as you, as we are due near the same time....& like you say, you want it all nice & smelling fresh.

    Its just when you hear of others going into labour early & not prepared for it...it gets you thinking.

    Mel xx
    30 + 2
  • Hiya!
    I advise doing it earlier rather than later.
    This last few weeks has seen a few early arrivals from the due in feb forumn.
    I hd mine packed at 30 weeks. X x
  • marnie - Oouucchh...9 & 1/2 pounds...that brings tears to my eyes...im only little 4ft 11 inches.

    Aimz - thats wot i have seen that made me topic this post....also a very close friend of mine has had lots of complications through her pregnancy & was admitted 4 wks ago as she was loosing too much water/fluid @ 31 wks, was in hospital for a wk, then discharged, but had to go back every 2 days for scans & monitoring...she reached 35 wks & sadly lost her baby at 35 weeks...so sad it was on xmas day....when i found out i couldnt stop crying & could almost feel her pain.

  • i also would say earlier rather than later,my son was born at 35wks and ive just done my hospital bag today and iam 30wks,i know these are gonna be early too with me having twins so iam getting prepared this time :lol:


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