ive just been to the toilet and noticed some blood on my knickers which is browny red! help


  • im 11 weeks, i had a bleed at 6-7 weeks too so just a lil worried
  • You need to call your midwife. It is likely to be nothing, esp if you had a previous disharge which was nothing, but all the books say call your midwife and it will stop you worrying. Hope evrything is ok. xx
  • yeah had a scan and all was good image ive just spoke to my gp who has said not to worry unless it was red colour and if it gets worse to ring them back.
  • spoke to midwife she told me to ring gp
  • no not had it since sunday! i feel really wet aswell (sorry)
  • hi bec only just popped on, how are you feeling now?

    thinking of you xx
  • thanks hunny x x im feelin ok got funny feelins in my belly kinda like butterflies i think lol!
  • oh i get them its normal and when you said you feel wet thats quite normal too. I have had large amouns of clear watery like discharge in this pregnancy that i feels like i wet myself but they said its all quite normal.

  • well thats all good then! how have u been hunny not spoke to u 4 a while?
  • been ok, sickness died down a lot now so feeling better but always nervous! 10 weeks tomorrow which i am really pleased with. Just been getting everything sorted for christmas spent a fortune again! I am going to have 2 spoilt little girls on christmas morning but all worth it I just think next year we will be family of 5 which is scary. Looking forward to tomorrow too cos i am booking my shayne ward tickets, sad i know but so excited i will be 31 weeks when i go but all fun. Oh and also booking tottenham vs man u footie tickets too for feb just to keep me busy lol

  • lol i cnt wait til xmas goin to see my lil brother n sis ive spent a fortune on them again! itll be our first xmas me oh n baby nxt year cnt wait! my sickness hasnt really gone down as such but getting better! but my nipples are so bloody sore its un real! and my boobs are gettin so big! im still off work so if i go back after this note runs out ive had nearly 4 weeks off dreadin goin back hate all the questions image i was gunna go watch lee evans live in march i think but forgot too book tickets lol! wat am i like1 glad all is well tho! hope ur not up too early on xmas day i used to get up at 3 am lol my mum loved it he he
  • i didnt sleep last year i was that excited kids just wanted to stay in bed!! Saying that who is the big kid?? xx
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