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This is my first pregnancy and I have some spoting and I feel like I am going to start my cycle. My doctor thought I was 7 weeks but I went to the ER because if the spotting ang theyn informed me that I am 4 weeks. They showed me the gestatinal sac and I do not follow up with my doctor for another ultrasaound until the 27th. I am worried that I may loose the baby because of the bleeding. Has this ever happen to anyone else. If so how did things turn out for you.:?


  • Hello baby1st, I'm also pregnant with my firts baby and I had some spotting and pains when I was 5 weeks pregnant (I'm 8 weeks now) and I was so worried that I went stright away for the ER. I had early pregnancy scan which showed the sac in the right place of uterus (I was scared I had an ectopic pregnancy) and I felt much better knowing that but still- they couldn't see an embryo because it was too early, so I'm waiting for my 12 weeks scan...

    Please do not worry too much about the spotting as it is apparently very common in the first weeks.

    I cross my fingers for you and wishh the best image
  • hiya i didn't have any bleeding but i did get what felt like period pains quite early on and occasionally still do, which i've been told are growing pains because your uterus is expanding a bit of bleeding is common and i'm sure if they were really concerned they'd have wanted to see you earlier, try not to worry x x
  • Thank you all for your support. I worry by nature. I just want to have this baby more than anything in the world. image
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