anyone watchin cbb this yr????

will anyone be watchin celebrity big brother this yr??? i don't usually watch the "normal" one, but have heard that the rather cute delish ben adams from a1 is one of the celebs going in, and i'm interested to see what ulrika has to say, with all the sven stuff!!!


  • yes I cant wait, I am so sad. My husband does not agree he is dreading the next couple of weeks. Dont tell me anymore names of people who are going in as I have been dodging all articles on it all week so it will be a surprise. Like i said I am sad!!!
    Viki x
  • I did promise myself i wouldnt watch it,but i'm now looking forward to 9pm!!!!
  • ME ME ME ME ME ME ME u get it mrs k IM WATCHIN IT cos i also love ben adams i really hope he is in it now he is sooooooocute xxxxxxxxx
  • [email protected] viki, sorry hun won't mention any of the other celebs i've heard are goin in!!! lisa, i think mr adams is the ONLY fella in the whole wide world be both agree on!! lets hope he's still delish or i'll probably cry and phil will be dancing round the living room cheering...pmsl!!!
  • ha ha your right rach its cos i dont love old men !!ha ha ha 25 minutes to go and then drool on he he xxxxxxxxxx
  • ohhhh u cheeky mare...pmsl!!! am on countdown!!! lol!!!
  • i am watching to!! xxx
  • I watched it. I must admit Ben Adams looks a lot better without his curtains lol.
    I think 'mini me' will win he looked well cute when he was dragging in his bag bless him.
    I'm not surprised Michelle Scott Lee is in it she's everywhere aint she like sh*t on a shovel.
    I like Lucy Pinder though and her from Shameless.
  • i can't believe they got coolio!!! my hubs was looking forward to seeing lucy pinder, but was put off when she opened her!!! and yes how cute did ben look, thou kel, i prefered the curtains.....sad but!!!! mini me to win!!!
  • mmmm ben adams is still sooooooo fit !!i cant believe he doesnt seem to have aged and he is single ..yipeeee.....oh yea im not and im 8 months pregnant hmmm may be a problem ...ha ha .......ah wel i can dream cant i xxxxxxxx oooh and mini me bless him his bag is just as big as him bless him xxx
  • hahahahaha al you ladies should be veerrrrrry jelous of me then!!!!! coz iv kissed ben adams (okay it was only a peck) and it was back when he still ahd his curtains but still it was a KISS!! haha and i met him three times. but yeah i think mini me will win too.

  • oooh princesssarah im soooooo jelous although i kind of had an encounter with him , me and my friend went to watch him in preston well i say him we went to see a1 in concert and we had a king size bed sheet with "we love u ben " and he pointed and blew a kiss to us i nearly fell over i tell ya ....he he xxxxxx
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