MAT B 1 certificate again sorry not quite understanding!

At what stage am I legally intitled to get this form... i know a few mid wifes are rubbish about it but I am going to be a little pushy... I have ALWAYS worked and ALWAYS done full time long term jobs and just this one time I happen to cover a 6 month contract I fall pregnant! lol always the way and of course I am over the moon... but I am 15 weeks and 3 days and in 8 weeks my contract finishes! I am worried!

I want to know exactly when I can get this form from so that I can say in advance oh well i can get my MAT B1 form off you next time i see you please can you make sure you bring it... so that I dont have to wait till my MW will remember... she might be good but only see her once and I am 4 months spose I am panicking a bit! please help! xx :roll:


  • Hiya...I'm 24 weeks on Thursday. You have up to 26 weeks to hand your MATB1 form into work so that they can send it off. I have my midwife appointment on Thursday and hoping i get it then as I still don't have mine!!! In most cases you should get it between 20 and 26 weeks from your midwife.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Does that mean I can get it from 20 weeks? x
  • Might be an idea to ring her!

    For some weird reason I have got it in my head that it is just like a pad of certificates that they sign and date one, rip off and give you!!!! In that case would be in their "bag of tricks". Have no idea if this right as it is either a very very vague recollection from 6 1/2 yrs ago or a big case of pregnancy brain gone mad!

    Just found this little snippet on Netdoctor:-

    Medical evidence of when your baby is due - eg MAT B1 certificate. This medical evidence must be signed no earlier than the 20 weeks before your due date.

    My midwife should be ringing me within the next couple of days (she is trying to sort me out with the consultant I need) and she is brill so will ask her if you cant get hold of yours ok.
    Love Lee.
  • I'm pretty sure it is given to you at your midwife appointment but if you need it in a rush I can't see the harm in keep pestering your midwife for it. I know that in my preg book it says that after 20 weeks you should be given your form.

    On the gov website it works out everything for you (what dates you need to give notice etc) and it told me that I should have my form by the 6th Feb (my appointment isn't til the 8th!!) and have to give written notice to work by the 16th Feb to when I'm leaving...

    I would definately keep pestering your midwife after 20 weeks if I was in your position.

    x x x
  • lol I will if i ever get to see her again... does anyone else think one appointment in a few days off four months is just wrong? no wonder i am stressing with not been given any information! x
  • That is really bad!

    Since my booking in appt I have seen my midwife once a month and there is a drop in clinic for an hour once a week at a local health centre.

    I must be lucky with the area I am in.
  • Hi,

    You won't be given it before 20 weeks but it is usually 26 weeks & I got mine from the doctor not from the MW. It is a pad like a prescription pad & they literally fill it in just putting your name, EDD & doctor's name.

    I am in a temporary contract through an agency & have been for 11 months, I will be here 1 year when I go off on maternity leave. The way maternity leave works when in this situation is if you have worked for the agency for 13 consecutive weeks before falling pregnant then they will pay your maternity pay if not then it will be paid by the government which is SMP. I will be receiving SMP as you receive whichever is lowest- your pay from employer or SMP. is a great website & it will explain about paternity pay, working & child tax credits etc so hopefully this will make things a bit clearer for you.

    All the best,
    Lauren (31+6) xx
  • I got my mat b certificate at 20 weeks. My wages manager was hassling me for it from 15 weeks but you can not get it till 20 weeks. Irealise now every ones midwife situation is different in different areas but i saw mine for booking in at 8 weeks at my doctors surgery then at 12 weeks then went to local hospital where i will have the baby and saw a midwife from a team of midwives at 14 weeks for bloods scan etc then saw my own midwife at own doctors at 16 weeks for bloods etc then went back to hospital at 20 weeks for scan etc and asked midwife for form she gave it me straight away. I just handed it in to head office and they sorted it all out. I am amazed at how unhelpfull some of your midwives sound and how little you see them
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