FAO It_must_be_love

Hey hun.
Just wondering whats happening with you and your OH?
Is everything OK? Have you sorted things?

Thinking of you.

32+3. xx


  • Hello Love!

    Can't sleep.. look at the time.. 3 am! Thank you for the thoughtful message..

    First night OH slept on sofa, next two at his mum's and tonight he is back on my sofa!

    I think he knows he is in trouble! He said sorry a million times, and that he loves me more than anything, he wants this baby but he wants me too! That I am enough for him.. That I am the best thing to happen to him.. and now the baby, That he is stupid (I agreed) that he made a mistake (at which I pointed out he alone is in control of his own actions), that he paid her a compliment without thinking of the concequences or how I would be hurt.. said it just popped into his head and he just said it.. that he didn't know why but his intention wasn't to chat her up..

    He took me out for lunch today.. and dinner this evening.. I look a little rough and I pointed out how much he stressed me out!

    He sent me a million texts telling me he loves me and is sorry, and spend hours reassuring me and genral groverling!

    YES he is a prick! which I told him several times.. I also asked if I were to send message to random blokes telling them they were fit how would he feel..

    I do think he has learnt his lesson.. I'm hard to win around...

    but I have to keep things in perspective.. he flirted with someone over the net who lives in another country.. it's not real (not nice) but not real all the same.. perhaps he felt a little left out and needed some attention or had a wobble because it's just all about me and baby all the time.. I doubt he'll do it again.. because I'd string him up lol!

    I might let him in the bed tom night lol i'll see how I feel! poor love I know he has been very stupid but he has worked very hard to make it up!

    I do love him and we have been together 6 years so I think we'll be okay!

    I just want him to know I WONT tolerate ANYTHING like that! & I think he got that message loud and clear!

    thanks my lovey yummies! xxx
  • I'm so glad hun.
    Yes, I think he has grovelled enough too and learnt his lesson. He could have just given up saying sorry and stormed out again.
    Give him the benefit of the doubt. As he now knows, you're not a fool and won't tolerate it again!
    I'm glad its working out.
    Do try and forget about it now though or it will come up in every arguement you ever have from now on!
    Glad everythings ok.
    You're gonna be knackered today if you were still up at that time!
    Get him to cook you Sunday dinner! (hehe...).
    Lots of hugs,
  • lol He is doing a 12 hour shift today so I might let him off cooking dinner.. yeah once is resolved it's not healthy to keep bringing something up.. I know my reaction might seem a bit strong but boundries and respect are so important to me in a relationship.. and trust! It take a life time to delevelope trust and only suspition to distroy it.. I don't want to feel I have to mate guard or check up.. I want to know that some stunning girl (even when i'm 10 foot wide) can come up and try it on and he says 'Corr I am very flattered especially because you are very attractive.. However I am proper loved up with my Girlfriend and I wouldn't do anything to risk that!'... image I do believe that it's proper drummed into him cause I keep getting texts saything things like 'I love you more than anything in this world xxx' & 'I want you to forgive me you and the baby are my everything xxx' & 'baby I am all yours I dont want anyone else I just want you xxx'

    So bless him.. I think I'll let him down off the hook now! I do feel loved and do think he was just stupid.. but ahh well what can we do with them huh?

    So shattered today.. really looking forward to my bed and a big cuddle.. thank you so much for your support girls!! xxx
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